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Nanny Bloomberg Releases ‘App’ for Sexually Active Teens

Via Google Play:

Search for clinics in New York City that provide sexual health services for teens. Find out where to go, what to get, and what to expect.

Teens in NY State have the right to sexual health services without getting permission from parents, girlfriends/boyfriends or anyone else.

Find clinics in all 5 boroughs. All clinics were screened by teens who posed as potential customers (“mystery shoppers”). Services at these clinics include:

• Condoms • Birth control • Emergency contraception • STD testing and treatment • HIV testing • Pregnancy testing

Clinics marked with a gold star offer many services and birth control methods on site for free. Search for a clinic by service, birth control method or location.

Watch videos developed with teens, for teens!

The Teens in NYC referral guide is also available via 311, in print, and online (search for NYC Teen at

This app does not collect personal information when downloading or using the app.

Abortion 2.0, now with "videos developed with teens, for teens!" and "gold-star" clinics. Fantastic. . . - Greg Pollowitz

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