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Chicagoland News: Taxes, Shootings and General Depravity

Via Various Sources:

Sun-Times: A $25 tax on each new gun purchased starts today with the goal of reducing taxpayer expense in fighting crime. Taxpayers ask, “Chicago is fighting crime?”

Sun-Times: Grandson arrested for the murder of his 72-year-old grandfather. No word yet of Rahm will try to collect $25 retroactively from the suspect.

Tribune: 28 teens arrested after incidents on Chicago’s “El” and Magnificent Mile. I guess this wasn’t what Michelle Obama meant by “let’s move.”

NBC Chicago: The president talked about the important issues while in Miami — like the Bulls ending the Heat’s 27-game-win-streak.

The Nation: Rahm’s ‘shock doctrine’ of shutting down public schools. Because a school that at half-capacity deserves to stay open?

Tribune: Chicago tries revolutionary new tactic to fight crime: cops on foot patrol.

Just another week in Chicago. . . - Greg Pollowitz

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