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Video: Did Rep. Cleaver Really Get Spit On?

Via Jim Treacher - Daily Caller:
Based on the various accounts of the Obamacare protest in Washington last weekend, you’d think somebody actually reared back, made a big ol’ hocking sound, and spit on the Missouri congressman. Well, now there’s video of the event […]I can’t get it to link to the specific time code, but fast-forward to the 1:20 mark. Looks to me like that dude was yelling at him and maybe a drop of spittle flew at him. Which still sucks. Nobody likes to be yelled at, especially by [someone] who won’t just shut up and pay his taxes. But it’s not like somebody hocked a loogie in Cleaver’s face. I know, I know. It doesn’t matter anyway because the Tea Parties are racist. I’m just providing… what’s it called? Oh yeah: Evidence. Cleaver declined to press charges over this, which is a good thing because no arrests were made that day.

A little follow-up from the MSM please on the lack of arrests. . . - Greg Pollowitz

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