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A Chicago Real-Estate Scandal That Deserves National Attention

Nothing that belongs to the public is not convertible into payoffs for the criminal class of politician that has metastatized out of Chicago and onto the national scene. My friend Tom Bennett, who visited with the B-Cast, brings us the latest (not block indented). Read it in the light of the recent revelations regarding Arne Duncan’s favored list of folks whose kids “deserved” to get into the best Chicago area schools: This past Thursday, March 18th, a federal jury found a Chicago developer — Calvin Boender (pronounced Boon-der) — guilty of all five counts against him including bribery, federal election law violations and obstruction of justice charges. While personally observing portions of the federal jury selection process as well as both the opening and closing statements in their entirety during the Boender trial, the following question came forcibly to mind: When is the local U.S. Attorney going to indict the parties involved with the steering of the Chicago Housing Authority?

I hope Pat Fitzgerald investigates. Fitzmas! - Greg Pollowitz

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