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Moscow Update: Strong Words From Medvedev

Via Ria Novosti:
. . .Medvedev laid a wreath at the spot on the Lubyanka station platform where the doors of the second carriage opened and the first bomber detonated her explosives, killing at least 24 people. The president said those behind the terrorist attacks would be tracked down and eliminated. “These are simply beasts, and regardless of their motives, what they did is a crime by any legal or moral standard,” Medvedev told reporters on hand for the occasion. “I have no doubts whatsoever that we will find them and eliminate all of them,” he said, adding that everyone involved in the November bombing of the Nevsky Express had been killed. Twenty-seven passengers died in that attack, the first major terrorist incident beyond Russia’s North Caucasus since 2004.

Updates to follow. . . - Greg Pollowitz

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