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How To Fix Wall St.: More Estrogen?

Via New York Times:
One of the more intriguing — yet unanswerable — questions that has arisen in the wake of the financial crisis is whether all that alpha-male testosterone at the top of Wall Street firms helped to ratchet up the excessive risk-taking, inflating the housing and securitization bubbles, the bursting of which led to a credit freeze and the worst recession in generations. Would the presence of more women in the C-suites have led to a different outcome? Would women have made fewer outlandish bets, been more team-oriented and more willing to listen to dissenting views? It’s the Wall Street version of the age-old question, “If women ruled the world … ?”

No, it's not the estrogen. Women CEO would be under the same pressure for short-term profits that the male CEO bankers were under. - Greg Pollowitz

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