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The History Of Baseballs And The Presidency

Via Politics Daily:
Baseball’s place as the “National Pastime” was always a bit of an exaggeration — even in the days of Joe DiMaggio many sports fans preferred college football, boxing, horse racing or hoops. But baseball’s place in the nation’s psyche was no myth, either, and from our country’s earliest days U.S. presidents kept abreast of the nation’s pulse by embracing the uniquely American game. And I do mean the earliest days. According to a French officer attached to the Continental Army, George Washington played catch with aides de camp for hours at a time while bivouacked at Valley Forge. There, General Washington also watched his troops play an early version of the sport that they called “fives.”

Any bets on President Obama's pitch today? Will it be from in front of the mound? - Greg Pollowitz

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