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Orrin Hatch Fighting The Good Fight – Against The BCS

Via Orrin Hatch PDF:
We are writing to express our ongoing concern with the actions and operations of the college football Bowl Championship Series (BCS). While there have been a number of congressional inquiries surround this subject over the past several months, the conclusion of the 2009 college football season has raised a number of additional questions. It is our hope that you will be forthcoming in addressing these matters.

What a total waste of time. Plus, all Hatch and Baucus are writing about are the spoils and how they're divided, in an attempt to get more TV loot to their respective states. If there was any concern for the actual players, I might buy in. My solution: go back to the old bowl system. There's absolutely no need, other than to make money for the schools and TV, for a playoff system in college football. - Greg Pollowitz

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