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Heinz Ketchup Is Dead To Me Now

Via New York Post:
Your fries may never taste the same again! For the first time in 40 years, Heinz ketchup is changing its famous recipe — by lowering the salt content in an effort to appeal to more health-conscious consumers, the company said yesterday. Company officials have taste tested the new blend and believe it will be as popular as their old recipe, which has a 60 percent share of the ketchup market. But Heinz fans fear that the company may be messing with perfection and that the switch could wind up a flavor debacle equal to the infamous rollout of New Coke.

To be honest, I switched to Hunt's a year ago because of the new Heinz "no-drip" bottles, which don't work when you only have a little bit of ketchup left in the bottle. But, why mess with this? It's not the ketchup that's the problem, but the pound of fries that come with the meal that's an issue. It's just stupid to change a brand like this, especially at a time when consumers are searching for lower-cost substitutes. - Greg Pollowitz

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