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59% Say U.S. Should Continue To Build Fence On U.S.-Mexico Border

Via Rasmussen Reports:
The Obama administration announced on Tuesday that it is halting funding of the fence along the U.S.-Mexico border, but 59% of Americans believe the United States should continue to build that fence. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 26% of adults disagree and think the building of the fence should be stopped. Fifteen percent (15%) more are not sure.
What part of "build the fence first" does Congress not understand? - Greg Pollowitz

Meet The Dem Drama Queen Caucus

Via Politico:
Reps. Nathan Deal and Zach Wamp did it to boost their campaigns for governor. Rep. Luis Gutierrez did it to focus attention on his pet issue, immigration. And Reps. Jason Altmire and Dennis Kucinich seem to be doing it just to enjoy the rare opportunity to bask in the national spotlight. Call it the Drama Queen Caucus — members of Congress who labor mostly in obscurity, lucky to get a daytime cable hit, let alone a Sunday talk show invitation, until the big vote nears. And then they engage in an oh-so-public exercise deliberating over how they will vote or go to extraordinary ends demonstrating how strongly they feel about the way they have already decided to vote.
Spot on. - Greg Pollowitz

Call Your Congressman, Go To Jail?

Via Big Government:
. . .I called back. This time, I asked to speak to her supervisor in order to report her repeated hanging up as well as the threat she made. I was placed on hold. Thinking I was holding for her supervisor, I was shocked when a Federal Agent with the Capital Police picked-up the telephone. At first, the Agent was curt with me. He claimed I was harassing Mr. Garamendi’s staff by continually calling after being told to stop calling. I asked him when it became a federal crime to lobby a congressman. He said that it wasn’t but it was a crime to “harass” congressional members and staff pursuant to 47 U.S.C. 223. I told him I was an attorney (which I am) and that I would research the statute he had cited.
As the author pointed out to the Capitol Police, it is not a crime to call your representative. - Greg Pollowitz

Once A Cop, Always A Cop

Via NY Daily News:
He had worked the St. Patrick’s Day parade as a cop and now Raymond Kelly was the police commissioner, heading down Fifth Ave. where he soon would be marching as this year’s grand marshal. Kelly was first expected at the preparade Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. He was reaching E. 84th St. comfortably on schedule when a bicyclist struck a woman directly ahead. “Hit her very hard,” he later said. Suddenly, Kelly was a cop again. He jumped out of the black commissioner’s SUV in a formal morning coat and grand marshal’s sash with the same impulse to help that had propelled him from a radio car countless times.
I love this answer to what sounds like a moronic question from the reporter: "What else are you going to do? She's lying right in the middle of Fifth Ave., bleeding from the head..." - Greg Pollowitz

Panic In Florida Part II: Rubio 44%, Meek 39%

Via Politico:
Public Policy Polling is out with a rare bit of good polling news for Democratic Senate candidate Kendrick Meek, showing the congressman within striking distance of former Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio in a general election match-up. In PPP’s poll, Rubio led Meek by five points, 44 percent to 39 percent, just outside the 3.4 percent margin of error. Despite a party ID split that favors the Republican, Meek has an edge among independents, making a Meek-Rubio contest the most favorable general election scenario for Democrats.
Crist's ads are working on independents I think. - Greg Pollowitz

Panic In Florida Part I: Rubio 41%, Meek 40%

Via Real Clear Politics:
A new DailyKos/Research 2000 survey finds Rubio once again crushing Crist in Florida’s Republican primary for Senate. However, Rubio faces a far closer general election race in which he currently holds just a 1-point lead over Meek, the likely Democratic nominee. GOP Primary Rubio 58 – Crist 30 General Election Crist 45 – Meek 36 – Und 19 Rubio 41 – Meek 40 – Und 19
Uh-oh. - Greg Pollowitz

Death Penalty Offense: Man Charged For Selling Wife For Sex On Craigslist

A Minnesota man is charged with selling his wife for sex on Craigslist. And police say Clinton Danner allegedly drove his wife around the country to do it. Police near Chicago picked Danner up this weekend. The Danner’s moved into a Minneapolis duplex on Colfax Avenue South about a year ago. At least some of their neighbors knew their line of work took them out of town quite a bit.
Animal. - Greg Pollowitz

American Who Aided Mumbai Terror Attack Pleads Guilty

Via CNN:
A Chicago man charged in two international terror plots, including the 2008 Mumbai, India, attacks, pleaded guilty Thursday to a dozen counts against him, and now will not face a trial. David Headley, 49, pleaded guilty in a federal court in Chicago to a dozen federal terrorism charges. Authorities said he scouted out targets for the terrorist attacks in Mumbai in November 2008 that killed more than 160 people, and planned an attack on a Danish newspaper that published cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed. Headley has agreed to cooperate with the government and testify before a grand jury.
Another irony. The Justice Dept. can threaten to execute a suspect unless he cooperates, but blindfold the guy and keep him from sleeping and it's a war crime? - Greg Pollowitz

Fired R. I. Teacher Hung An Obama Effigy In His Classroom?

Via AP:
A teacher at a failing Rhode Island school where he and all his colleagues were fired hung an effigy of President Barack Obama in his classroom, apparently in reaction to Obama’s support of extreme measures to ensure accountability in schools. The teachers union on Thursday condemned the effigy, discovered Monday in the teacher’s third-floor classroom at Central Falls High School, saying it was wrong and cannot be condoned under any circumstances. The effigy was found in the unidentified teacher’s classroom by Superintendent Frances Gallo, Nicole Shaffer of the Rhode Island Department of Education told The Associated Press. Shaffer said the department would not have any further comment.
Can a foot-tall Obama action figure hung by his feet count as an effigy? For a Republican, not doubt hate-crimes charges would have already been drawn up. For a member of the teacher-union, it's no doubt an expression of the highest form of patriotism. - Greg Pollowitz

Karl Rove: Health Care Reform Unpopular In Swing House Districts

Via Karl Rove:
As congressional Democrats push to pass health care reform, new polls have found reform is widely unpopular in key swing House districts. Three series of surveys—by the Tarrance Group, Ayres McHenry, and the polling company—all show health care reform as being deeply unpopular in the districts of House Democrats who will face competitive re-election campaigns this fall.
Not really shocking, but some good analysis her by Rove. - Greg Pollowitz

Why Student Loan Reform Is In The HCR Bill? Dems Need The Extra $

Via Ezra Klein:
. . .Why does this matter? Well, that proposal saves a lot of money. Up to $80 billion, at least in a past iteration. Most of that money will go back into Pell grants. But some of it will be used to offset health-care reform spending, which gives the Democrats a bit more cash to play with while still hitting their deficit-reduction targets.
Magic! - Greg Pollowitz

Oh Snap! Tea Enthusiasts Upset With Tea Party Movement For Adopting Their Beverage Of Choice

Via Mediaite:
The Tea Party movement has prompted its share of outrage and confusion with Americans from all walks of life, but now it’s their namesakes that are complaining their reputation has been tarnished by tea parties of the political variety. Somewhere along the road paved with falsified birth certificates and hand-written signs, people apparently never considered how adopting the beverage would affect the tea industry and those who subscribe to tea party culture — “the kind where you mind your manners and consider proper brewing temperatures.” It’s not good.
Real tea-partiers don't drink tea. - Greg Pollowitz

Forget Taxing Marijuana; The Real Money’s In Cocaine

Via NPR:
A Harvard economist has estimated how much money states would raise by legalizing and taxing marijuana and cocaine. In a podcast a while back, Harvard’s Jeffrey Miron told us that his estimates for what California would bring in from taxing marijuana are much smaller than some of the numbers that are floating around out there (including a $1.4 billion estimate from state officials). Since that interview, Miron has come out with a paper estimating, among other things, potential tax revenues from cocaine and marijuana. It turns out the big tax money is in cocaine.
Maybe someone can figure out a way to get carbon credits for growing cocoa leaves, too, to really jazz this proposal up. - Greg Pollowitz

So Sad: President Postpones His Spring-Break Asia Trip To June

Via Fox News:
President Obama has postponed his trip to Indonesia and Australia until June so he can work on health care reform, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said. “The president greatly regrets the delay,” Gibbs said. “But passage of health care reform is of paramount importance, and the president is determined to see this battle through.”
Assuming the HCR debate isn't still going on in June. . . - Greg Pollowitz

Panic: Wisconsin Senate: Feingold, Thompson Neck-and-Neck

Via Rasmussen Reports:
Democratic incumbent Russ Feingold continues to lead his two announced Republican opponents in Wisconsin’s race for the U.S. Senate, and his hypothetical match-up with former Republican Governor Tommy Thompson is now a toss-up.
Now if Thompson would actually run. . . - Greg Pollowitz

Where’s The Outrage? Israeli Man Killed By Gaza Rocket

Via Fox News:
JERUSALEM — A rocket fired by Palestinian militants from the Gaza Strip killed a man inside Israel Thursday, Israeli medics said, in the first death from such an attack since Israel’s Gaza offensive last year. Such rocket fire once common but have become rare since the Israeli military’s campaign in the Gaza Strip last year, which aimed to bring an end to the attacks. Israel’s emergency service Magen David Adom said the man killed was about 30 years old and appeared to be a farm worker from Thailand employed in an agricultural community just north of Gaza. Thursday’s attack came on the same day as a visit to Gaza by Europe’s top diplomat, EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, the first such visit by a senior official in more than a year. Ashton had just crossed into Gaza when the attack took place.
So Israel announces it's going to continue building in East Jerusalem - something that both the US and Israel knew - and the US goes nuts because it happened while Biden was visiting. The Palestinians commit an act of terrorism while the top EU diplomat is visiting and the US reaction will be what, exactly? - Greg Pollowitz

Why Did Bank Rgulators Get Huge Bonuses, Too?

Via AP:
WASHINGTON — Banks weren’t the only ones giving big bonuses in the boom years before the worst financial crisis in generations. The government also was handing out millions of dollars to bank regulators, rewarding “superior” work even as an avalanche of risky mortgages helped create the meltdown. The payments, detailed in payroll data released to The Associated Press under the Freedom of Information Act, are the latest evidence of the government’s false sense of security during the go-go days of the financial boom. Just as bank executives got bonuses despite taking on dangerous amounts of risk, regulators got taxpayer-funded bonuses despite missing or ignoring signs that the system was on the verge of a meltdown. Read more at the Washington Examiner:
It's not like the regulators missed any warning signs at all regarding the risks being taken at these big banks, right? - Greg Pollowitz

Only In San Fran: When Vegan Anarchists Attack

Via San Francisco Chronicle :
SAN FRANCISCO — An ex-vegan who was hit with chili pepper-laced pies at an anarchist event in San Francisco said Tuesday that her assailants were cowards who should direct their herbivorous rage at the powerful – not at a fellow radical for writing a book denouncing animal-free diets. Lierre Keith, a 45-year-old Arcata resident, was attacked at 2:15 p.m. Saturday at the 15th annual Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair while discussing her 2009 book, “The Vegetarian Myth.” A 20-year vegan, Keith now argues that the diet is unhealthy and that agriculture is destroying the world.
Thanks to reader J. d'M. for sending this in. - Greg Pollowitz

So Sad: Drone Strike Kills Senior Qaeda Leader in Pakistan

Via New York Times:
WASHINGTON — A strike by an unmanned drone last week killed a senior commander of Al Qaeda who had played a significant role in planning the killing of Central Intelligence Agency operatives in late December at a base in Afghanistan, according to American officials. The March 8 strike was one of a series aimed at suspected participants in the deadly attack in Khost Province, which took place just before a meeting with a militant who the Americans believed could provide information on Al Qaeda’s operations. Seven Americans and a Jordanian intelligence officer died in that attack. According to a United States counterterrorism official, the Qaeda operative killed last week was Hussein al-Yemeni. The drone missile struck in Miram Shah in North Waziristan, a part of Pakistan where Al Qaeda is considered well dug in.
How come no Dems are complaining that the threshold to blow up a terrorist with a missile is lower than that of waterboarding? - Greg Pollowitz

True Story: ‘Green Leprechaun’ Shot Dead In St Patrick’s Day Robbery

Via Telegraph:
Two bank robbery suspects, including one dressed in a green leprechaun costume, were shot dead after a St Patrick’s Day chase and shoot-out with police in Tennessee, authorities said.
Is it wrong to laugh at this? - Greg Pollowitz


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