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Fair Enough


From a reader:

Dear Jonah,

Over the years, I have been struck by your habit of leading your readers to your most vicious critics.It is an admirable trait, but I wish you would reconsider sharing the limelight with a true hack like Mr. Pareene.  It borders on masochism.

There is enough nastiness in the world, please don’t lend it credibility.  There is nothing redeeming about a man whose life work is mocking others



Update:  I liked this email, obviously:

Dear Jonah,
Even Hamilton would not have found this fellow to be duel worthy.  It is, however, a sad commentary on our society when some hack can publish such mean spirited nonsense (which includes attacks on your mother), have the gall to say he is bullying you and then not have even the slightest fear of being punched in the head.  The world of Twitter is annoying.
Btw, I have been reading your stuff for more than 12 years and think you are one of the best writers out there.


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