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A very nice reader review from long time reader, Len:

I finished Tyranny last night and closed the book wishing I hadn’t just finished it.  In the way it shone light into dark corners, it was like Liberal Fascism, but it was a “funner” read.  Your instinct for deploying humor at the right moment in service of a serious point is the best I’ve ever seen.  Maybe in this way, Tyranny was more “like” you, at least to me.  
It surely will not fail to infuriate all the right people.  If Piers Morgan does actually bring himself to read it, and is sufficiently self-aware to see how perfectly he played into your overall thesis, my guess is your invitation to reappear will quietly get lost in the shuffle.  A more  exact caricature of the liberalism you describe could hardly have been devised.  It had to have been exasperating – I know I couldn’t have done it – but you patiently allowed him to make an utter jackass of himself.  I thank you for that.
One question:  The blows kept landing with increasing force as the book progressed, but the ending was a complete stunner.  Had the Zimmerman/Martin story broken before Tyranny went to print, or did you write “You will not lynch this man today” by mere chance?
I looked up from the page and involuntarily muttered, “Damn!”


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