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On The Radio


Here are my radio appearances for today:

8:05-8:15amEST WXKS Radio (Talk 1200 AM, Boston)/The Jeff Katz Show

8:35-8:44amEST WLS-RADIO (Chicago)/The Don & Roma Show 

9:08-9:22amEST WROK-RADIO (Cumulus 1440 AM, Rockford, IL)/WROK’s Morning Show

10:06-10:28amEST GENESIS COMMUNICATION NETWORK (Fargo, ND)/The Scott Hennen Show 

10:45-10:55amEST KSFO-RADIO (Cumulus 560 AM, San Francisco)/The KSFO Morning Show with Brian Sussman

11:15-11:25amEST KKSF-RADIO (910 AM, San Francisco) & KSTE-RADIO (650 AM, Sacramento)/The Armstrong and Getty Show 

4:00-4:20pmEST KKHT-RADIO/Salem Radio Network, Houston 

 5:35-5:55pmEST WHO-RADIO (Des Moines)/The Simon Conway Show



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