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Douglas Wilson On TOC


A very nice review. This part caught my eye, though:

I enjoyed this book almost as much as I enjoyed his Liberal Fascism. Goldberg combines the best of libertarianism and conservatism in a way that is quite conducive to my taste. The only thing he is missing is the Christian foundation (he writes as a secular Jew), but his miss is a whole lot closer to the truth than the groveling that many Christians engage in when they apologize for things in Christian history that either require no apology, or which require a very different apology than the one being demanded. Goldberg is about as fair-minded as it gets. I suspect his fair-mindedenss is a function of having thought about conversion more than once.

I hear this quite a bit and I must say that it’s really not the case. I think the sources of what Wilson sees as my fair-mindedness are more likely the result of my upbringing (I was raised Jewish but my mother never converted to Judaism) and my genuinely conservative fondness for old institutions, like the Catholic Church, Catholic writers (like Chesterton, William F. Buckley et al) and my genuine love for America and Western Civilization, both of which grew out of the (Judeo-)Christian experience. If a conversion is in the offing it will probably be to a more committed form of Judaism.


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