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Giving What They Got; Television Watch; High Spin

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It is no secret that Mr. and Mrs. Clinton are upset with the media’s intense scrutiny of their “private affairs.” It sounds like Mrs. Clinton tried to give back a little of what they think they’ve gotten. At her event for colon cancer awareness, reports the New York Times and New York Post, she specifically invited members of news organizations, to receive a proctological “screening.” If you’ve seen the “moon river” scene from the movie Fletch you probably can imgaine what the first lady really had in mind.


The Presidential apology tour had a major gig this morning for the National Day of Prayer. At a breakfast with clergy from around the country the president gave the apology that he should have given on August 17th, if not during the first week of January. It was very well done indeed. The press makes much of Mr. Clinton’s ability to speak in religious tones and he was well-received by the men of the cloth in the room. But Rev. Robert Schuller of the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California may not be so forgiving. According to Jonathan Broder in this morning’s NY Times Rev. Schuller was invited into the Oval Office earlier this year to give spiritual succor to the President. Schuller said that the President lied to him point blank. “He did it with such passion and with his eyes locked on me.” He lied blatantly.” Mr. Schuller made an iteresting comparison. “He’s the third public man to do that to me – Nixon, and Agnew lied to me bluntly, boldly. And now Clinton.” This morning Henry Hyde from the well of the House declared that the President would get the same consideration and fair treatment that Richard Nixon did. He didn’t even crack a smile.


Everyone from the scabrous Greta Van Sustren to the robotic Richard Gephardt to the venerable Henry Hyde have spent the last 24 hours referring to “impeachment” as “nullifying the will of the people” and “over-turning the election.” This is high spin and we shouldn’t buy into it. If Clinton is impeached does Bob Dole get to be president? Of course not. Impeachment doesn’t reverse an election. It doesn’t even result in a new election like a British vote of no-confidence. After all why do we have Vice-Presidents anyway? If Brett Farve gets thrown out of a game for slapping a ref, the game isn’t forfeited. The back-up quarterback comes in and calls the plays until the game is over. Where is the constitutional crisis in that?


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