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Slogan Mania

We asked and you delivered.

We recently asked readers to suggest a motto for National Review Online. The motto will appear on stationery, coffee cups, etc. It will also be tattooed to the foreheads of all future — and past — interns. Our working version is a play on the original slogan of National Review, which appeared in the original 1955 mission statement, about the duty of conservatives to stand athwart history yelling, “Stop.” Our modified version is “NRO: Standing Athwart History, 24 Hours a Day or Seven Days a Week.” Many people suggested we shorten that to “NRO: Standing Athwart History 24/7.” We had already thought of that and we’re glad so many of you did too. What follows are some other suggested mottoes or slogans. We are still taking suggestions (including a thumbs up on one of the entries below). Send them to VoteGfile@Aol.com. And thanks for the enthusiasm.

We hate liberals — 24/7

The Best Reason to Wire America’s Schools

Making the Web Safe for Conservatism

God and Man on the Internet

Conservative Crackup my a–!

Nil Caborundum Illegitimi A Sinistra

The Right spot on the Web.

Where it’s hip to be Right

Umm, Politics, Urgggg…… (per Homer Simpson)

Eat our Conservative shorts

Opinions R us

NRO: Writing the History of Human Nature

No applause, just throw money

A click an hour, keeps the Democrats all dour

Don’t blame us, we voted for Goldwater

The Greatest Web Site . . . Ever.

NRO: The Only Site You’ll Ever Need

Oh sh*t! They just added another 8,976 bureaucrats to the payroll.

Because we’re right

Primus Inter Pares

NRO: Right Then, Now and Always.

Kicking Hippies’ Asses

Arrectis Auribus

Passionate Conservatism. Online.

NRO: The Right Place for the Right Stuff.

NRO: The Webzine for the Nockian Remnant

NRO: It’s It!

NRO: When No One’s Watching You Browse

NRO: Annoy the Carnivore – Read It Online

NRO: It’s About Time You Grew Up

NRO: Your Mom Would Be Proud

NRO: Browse This!


Read Us: Save a Tree

NRO: On the Leading Edge of History

“Thoroughly Deracinated Youths Try to Apply Conservative Principles Whilst Still Reveling in the Culture of Death”? 😉

The Right Stuff

National Review Online: The Right Ideas, All the Time

National Review Online: The Site Behind the Right, All the Time

National Review Online: The Web is Mightier than the Sword.

THE Reason Al Gore Invented the Internet

It’s What Al Gore Invented the Internet For

So This Is Why Al Gore Invented the Internet!

Political Opinion for Thinking Adults: Liberals Suffering From Arrested Development Need Not Apply

Giving the Internet a Reason for Existing Since 199x Definitely NOT Taking Ourselves Too Seriously!

Chock Full o’ Conservative Goodness!

Opinions You Won’t Find on the 6 O’clock News

No Clintons Were Involved in the Creation of this Web Site

Idiocy Free Since 199x

If You Don’t Like to Think, You Probably Won’t Like it Here

The Intellect of William F. Buckley, the Reasoning of George Will, the Wit of P.J. O’Rourke, and the Sex Appeal of Jonah Goldberg…3 out of 4 Ain’t Bad

Half the Fat and Twice the Wisdom of ‘Salon’

What Are You Lookin’ At?

100% Porn Free. As Far as You Know

Absolutely NO Tax Dollars Were Spent on This Web Site

Hey, At Least the Magazine is Good

Home of the Web’s Most Annoying Pop Up Ads!

We Don’t Have to Be Liberal to Know Being Liberal is Bad For You

We Feel Your Pain

National Review Online Sucks Less

Still Not a Fully Owned Subsidiary of the Microsoft Corporation

Part of Your Healthy Breakfast

Opinions, Schmopinions, Here Come the Dancing Girls!

Definitely Worth the Price of Admission

A Founding Member of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy (TM & Copyright Hillary Clinton)

If We Don’t Serve You Conservative Opinion in the First 5 Minutes, We’ll Return Your Admission Price, No Questions Asked!

100% Hardcore Conservative Thought, 0% Squishy Liberal Emotion

This is the Place That Really Smart Kid in Class Ended Up Working

The Pebble in the Shoe of the Liberal Media Elite

Guaranteed Not to Crash Your Web Browser

The Place Where It’s OK to be a Breeder

Another Step on the Road to Maturity, the One Right After Moving Out of Your Parents’ Basement

No (fill in your favorite endangered species) Were Harmed in the Production of this Web Site

WARNING: The Material on this Web Site WILL Cause You to Think

We Never Thought Communism Was a Good Idea

We Made Joe Conason Cry Like a Little Baby

James Carville HATES This Web Site

Conservatism in the digital age

The conservative voice of the digital age

Standing Athwart History, 24/7/365

The Right Stuff, Baby

Release the hounds!

Architects of History: Cantilevering the Perspective

NR: A place, A perspective, And a Brief Commentary…

NRO, The excellent site

Standing Athwart the World Wide Web

Conservatism at the Speed of Light

The Road to Freedom

With our eyes fixed on the future, but recognizing the realities of today, we will achieve our destiny to be as a shining city on a hill for all mankind to see.

With our eyes fixed on the future, but recognizing the realities of today

Violence, punctuated by committee meetings.

Yesterday’s ideas today … or sometime early next week.

The Lead Dog on the Conservative Sled

We’re All Targets

Please Don’t Audit Us

Voice of the Market Economy

Truth, Justice, and The American Way

Ramesh! Ramesh! Ramesh!

The Right Vast Wing Conspiracy!

“National Review Online — The Right Position”, to be asterisked and followed by the words below:

“Right” — According to the Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus, definitions and synonyms of “Right” include “just, morally or socially correct, true; not mistaken, having sound views or principles, suitable, preferable, correct, straight, good, proper, lawful, ethical, fair, sane, rational, reason, truth, goodness [and finally] conservative political group.”

Truth is hard

no pain no gain

devotion to reason beyond reason

Virtually National Review

The Left isn’t Right.

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Fifty Years without a motto

Athwart History, 24/7.

Standing athwart history with the Right ideas

Right thoughts amid the zeitgeist

“We put the ‘duh’ in Des Moines” (Yeah, I know, but it cracks me up.)

and I get on my knees and pray — we don’t get fooled again — The change it had to come; we knew it all along

NRO: Our website can kick your website’s ass!

NRO: We were here first!

NRO: More people illegally copy our stuff and post it on the web than from anywhere else!

Stuff That Doesn’t Suck

Read This Or Bill Buckley Will Kick Your Ass

Who Would You Rather Believe Us, Or Some Sycophantic Liberal Suck-Up?

NRO: not just another on-line porn site

Making the internet safe, one pixel at a time

NRA makes America safe by packing, NRO makes America safe by packets

NRO: Not just stopping history — making history

Making history a nanosecond at a time

The Buckley starts here.

Where the Buckley NEVER stops.

The Right address on the Internet

Right now, Right since 1955

Right now, Right tomorrow, Right on-line.

ON-line? On the RIGHT line.

Conservatively, the best place to be on-line.

Because Two Weeks is Too Long to wait to be Right.

Because Two Weeks is Too Long to wait for National Review.

Some dot-coms steer you wrong. NationalReview.com always steers you right.

Not just another start-up. NRO — doing the right thing since 1955.

NRO — when you just can’t wait to be right.

NRO, NRA … whatever… They’re both right.

NRO, NRA … arm your body – arm your mind.

NRO – because not everyone can be the San Francisco Examiner.

NRO – not yet a subsidiary of AOL-Time-Warner.

National Review Online – bringing history to a stop across the globe, 24 hours a day.

National Review Online – I got yer Internet right here.

NRO – if Buckley had one in 1955, Reagan would have been President in ‘56. (or’60. Or Goldwater in ‘64.)

National Review Online – undermining socialism since day before yesterday.

National Review Online – making Al Gore regret he invented the Internet, every minute of every day.

National Review Online – because throwing up over New York Times online makes your computer sticky.

NRO: the few, the proud, the digital conservatives.

Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice; moderation in the support of freedom is no virtue; not being on-line to read NationalReview – that’s just plain silly.

Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice; Webbism in the pursuit of NationalReview – now THAT’s a virtue.

Current Events, Timeless Perspective

All Right, All The Time

Truth and Thought, Our Stock in Trade.

Disintermediating the vanguard of the proletariat, 24/7

Making Al Gore regret inventing the Internet, one day at a time

If this be SPAM, make the most of it!

Life, Liberty, and a Kick-Ass Content Distribution Strategy

Life, Liberty, and Frequently Updated Content

Our burn rate is way lower than Salon’s

We’ll still be here when Salon and Slate are not-so-fond memories

Famous Potatoes

The coolest site that’ll never have an IPO

Revenue model? We don’t need no stinking revenue model!

NRO: Taking the oxymoron out of “Hip Conservative”

NRO: Putting some iron in the Internet Backbone

Phat Pipe of the Right Wing

Click here for our Sidney Blumenthal Web Voodoo-Doll

Paleo-conservative BEFORE it was cool to be retro

NRO: We weren’t even born when WFB sicced Whittaker Chambers on Ayn Rand

No Controlling Legal Authority


Spun Right

National Review Online- it’s not just for breakfast anymore…

Peeing on Pinkos, Leaking on Liberals, Missing Most Moderates, Covering Conservatives

One Magazine You Won’t Be Taking Into The Bathroom

Reversing History In A Forward Direction

Mostly standing athwart history, but occasionally giving it a nudge

Footprint of the New Counterculture

Jackhammer At Dawn

National Review Online(NRO): We’ll help keep the King of England from coming to your house and pushing you around.

NRO: We always smell that way.

NRO: We ain’t a bunch of cranky old white guys. We’re young!

NRO: The Boston Globe of the right.

NRO: Official Sponsor of the Harrison Junior High Mathletes.

NRO: If it’s right, we’re right.

NRO: News, Views, and cheese-eating surrender monkeys.

National Review: Promoting Conservation of Human Nature

National Review: Because There’s a Right Way to Do Things

National Review Online – Smart, hip, bratty conservatives for a smart, hip and bratty nation.

National Review Online – Today’s Brat Pack.

National Review Online – Buckley’s Evil Twin

Join Us. Fight the Man.

The straight path through the tangled web.

The rock of truth in the middle of the bitstream.

The only page you’ll ever need.

All the web that’s fit to surf.

NRO – we do data right.

So shines the light of reason in the darkness of a troubled web.

The way the web ought to be.

The online source of truth.

Maximum truth.

Standing Athwart History, XXIV/VII

Standing Athwart History Twenty-Four-Seven-ThreeSixtyFive-OneHundred.

Standing Athwart History, Pressing “Pause”

If we didn’t report it , it didn’t happen.

We are born again–hard

Nascor iterum – durus

When You’re Serious About Freedom

Because Right is Right

The Voice of the Vast Right-wing Conspiracy

Yeah, We Hate Hillary Too

Get a Job!…And We Really Mean It This Time!

NRO…Bill Buckley Works Here

No Excuses…No Compromises

Never Give Up…Never Surrender

We’re Not Bed-wetting Liberals Like They Have Over at New Republic

The Conservative Voice of the Third Millennium

Goldberg 2000

Jonah Goldberg: Senate 2002

The roadblock at the end of history

. The 21st Century medium to carry the wisdom of the ages.

All the truth that’s fit to print.

Hey, were not a bunch of old white guys.

What, me worry?

You’ve heard the Left, Read what’s Right

The Right News, Right Now

Get History Right – Now

Current News and Comment … Right … Now

America’s 24/7 Conservative News and Commentary

Right 24/7

The Voice ( or the more ambitious “Home”) of American Conservatism.

Speed Bump on the Information Superhighway

Don’t Burn the Bridge Back to the Twentieth Century

Whoa, Jonah. You can’t say that!

Sitting Comfortably Athwart History

This Time You’ve Gone Too Far

Conservatives Really Are More Fun Than Liberals

What Do You Mean, ‘It’s Progress’?

NR, Where We Still Understand the Real Meanings of Words

We Do Our Best Work While Still Clad Only in Our Underwear


Not in My Country!

Debunking the Claptrap

Where We Unwind the Spin

Correct, as Opposed to ‘Politically Correct’

Separating the wheat from the online chaff.

NRO: All Things Conservative

NRO: The Conservative Alternative

NRO: THE Conservative Alternative

National Review Online: It’s not just for nerds anymore!

The Digital Revolution’s Digital Reactionaries

World-class Political Content at Factory-to-You Prices

You Report, We Decide

Always Right Here

Muthas Who Think

Plug In, Drop By, Turn On

All the news that’s fit to code

Cogito Ergo Legere (We think, therefore you read)

Where Everyone Goes To Find Out What’s Really Going On

We’ll Tell You What’s Really Going On

We’ll Tell You What’s Really Happening

Our Commentary Will Invigorate You

The Best Reason For The Web

The Best Reason For The Internet

The Reason The Internet Was Invented

Surf’s Up

Jolt For The Brain

Anthony Lewis Knows About Us And Is He Pissed!

The Real Reason Helen Thomas Retired

Even Better Than Drudge’s Site

Salon Ain’t Got Nothin’ On Us

What That’s From.

Right Click.

Vast Right-Wing Repository

Vast. Right-Wing. And that’s just our editor.

All Right, All The Time

Information + Electrification = National Review Online

Défendeurs de la Hyperpuissance

All the views fit to print

Still Trying to Prove Nixon was Innocent


The Latest