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Promises, Promises

"You can't be all things to all people."

I would — my first act as president — if I’m entrusted with the job — will be to resubmit the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty to the Senate.” — Al Gore, The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, March 14, 2000

He said Bradley has no comprehensive education plan. “It is not a priority in his campaign or in his platform. It is the No. 1 priority for me,” said Gore, who pitched his 10-year, $115 billion investment in school modernization, college-tuition aid, and teacher training. — Associated Press, February 4, 2000

“‘I believe it is time to end racial profiling in America,’ he said. ‘And that will be the first order of business of the Gore-Lieberman administration.’” — Lawrence Knutson, “Gore Courts Black Support,” Associated Press, September 16, 2000

“I make you this pledge today: If you elect me as your president, the McCain-Feingold bill will be the first domestic legislation I send to the Congress — on my first day in office.” — Al Gore, “Remarks as Prepared for Delivery by Al Gore on Political and Campaign Reform,” Gore 2000 Website, March 27, 2000

“I‘ll fight for tax cuts that go to the right people.” — Al Gore, Speech to the Democratic National Convention, August 17, 2000

“I will fight for a prescription-drug benefit for all seniors under Medicare.” Ibid.

“I will fight to rebuild and modernize our crumbling schools, and reduce class size. We need to put safety, discipline, and character first in every classroom.” Ibid.

“I will fight for a real, enforceable Patients’ Bill of Rights.” Ibid.

“We will fight for affordable health care for all.” Ibid.

“I will fight for the single greatest commitment to education since the G.I. Bill.” Ibid.

“I will fight for a targeted, affordable tax cut to help working families save and pay for college.” Ibid.

“I’ll fight for a new, tax-free way to help you save and build a bigger nest egg for your retirement.” Ibid.

“So I say to you tonight: If you entrust me with the presidency, I will fight for you.” Ibid.

“We will…fight for an equal day’s pay for an equal day’s work.” Ibid.

“I’ll fight to add another 50,000 new police.” Ibid.

“I will fight for a crime victims’ bill of rights.” Ibid.

“I’ll fight to toughen penalties on those who misuse the Internet.” Ibid.

“I’ll fight to make every school in this nation drug-free and gun-free.” Ibid.


November 8

Al Baby,

I know you feel terrible about losing to that idiot. But life goes on and you haven’t been home for a while and you have some things to take care of around the house. Maybe the best way to forget is to get some things done around here?


Your boo-boo kitty.

Dearest Tipper,

I promise, the first thing I will do this weekend is take out the garbage. But, don’t you worry, snookems, I could never forget that my most important priority is to defrost the fridge. Yet, I cannot stress to you enough that fixing the shower head is where I will focus all of my energies, this weekend and every weekend after. I implore you: Don’t doubt for a moment my commitment to painting the house — I will not rest until I am done. You may think — in these trying times — that you won’t be able to rely on me to cook twelve whole turkeys for the party I’ve sworn to organize and host. But you would be wrong; this weekend, nothing will interfere with that effort or distract me from my resolution to stand and fight the cable man for better reception on Channel 4.

You see, I keep my word. And that is why you can count on me to honor my rock-solid obligation to convert our entire library to the Dewey decimal system while you’re at your bridge game. Of course, no one knows better than I that education means everything — and that’s why I will fight to teach Al Jr. how to speak conversational Hindi this weekend. Some say that some jobs are just too big for one man, but I say to you here and now: You have my solemn oath that I will have drawn up plans for — and create a working model of — a perpetual motion machine before I lay my head down on a pillow, or sit for even a single meal.

“You can’t be all things to all people.” — George W. Bush.


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