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A word from your editor.

Dear Readers (and people who use that computer-voice software),

There will be no Goldberg File today (though there is a syndicated column on Geraldo Rivera’s ass-fat poisoning).

I am off looking for Christmas presents (Hanukkah gifts, Kwanzaa loot, Ramadan spoils, atheistic-exchange items, whatever). But I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year and all of that joyous yuletide stuff. I know I speak for Kathryn Lopez, Chris McEvoy, Aaron Bailey, George Vara, and the rest of our colleagues — and bosses — at the National Review mothership when I say that we are profoundly grateful and flattered by the quantity and, far more important, the quality of our readership. We look forward to serving you and hearing from you in 2002 (which will be the last year of the century that will be a numerical palindrome).

Just so you know, National Review Online (which has scads of awesome articles today) will be humming at low wattage until after New Year’s. However, we will have a star-studded Christmas site up this afternoon through next week (Victor Davis Hanson, Dave Shiflett, Michael Novak, Stanley Weintraub, and more) and will spark up for an entire new edition of NRO Weekend next Friday. These will include all of the interesting brain stuffings it always has, as well as such premium items as predictions for 2002 and other cool stuff.

Thanks for everything and see ya next year.

Jonah Goldberg

Editor, National Review Online

Member, International Society of Men Who Sweat When They Eat.


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