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A glossary of curses used by Iraq's information minister.

Iraqi Information Minister Muhammad Said Al-Sahhaf’s early-morning (EST) press conferences have become a regular part of the Operation Iraqi Freedom daily TV news schedule. In both Arabic and English, the disinformation minister bashes his enemies. The Middle East Media Research Institute has come up with a handy glossary for these daily press conferences. Specifically, a glossary of the curses he uses to demonize the U.S. and her allies.

#ad#Waghd (pl. Awghad): “a villain”

a reference to President Bush or any other American or British official (Also: “Mr. Villain“ (Eng.) — a reference to U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld)

Isabat al-Awghad al-Dawliyeen: “The Gang of International Villains”

a reference to the American administration

Akrout (pl. ’Akarit): loathsome, pimp

a reference to British Prime Minister Tony Blair

Ilj (pl. Uluj): lout, uncouth, infidel warrior

a reference to the American soldiers (Also: Uluj Al-Istimar — “The infidels of colonialism”) a reference the U.S. and Britian

Khaeboon: disappointed, failing

a reference to the American administration

Khasioon: outcast, vulgar, despicable

a reference to the American administration

Ahmaq: stupid

usually a reference to President Bush

al-Tabe: “The subordinate”

a reference to PM Blair

al-Tabe al-Jadid: “The New Subordinate”

a reference to Spanish Prime Minister Aznar

Himar: “Donkey”

a reference to British Defense Secretary Geoffrey Hoon

Idarat al-Shir al-Amrikiya: “The American administration of evil”

Aznab: Tails

a reference to Australia and Poland

Tartoor (pl. Taratir): A clown’s cap. Also means: punk, stupid

a general reference to American and British leaders

Murtazaqa: Mercenaries

a reference to the American and British forces

Aran: Stupid, silly, lightheaded

a reference to President Bush

Nazl: depraved despicable

a reference to President Bush, Secretary Rumsfeld

Dawla Kazzaba: Lying State

a reference to the U.S.

Akhraq: Stupid

a reference to Secretary Rumsfeld

Tafeh: Stupid, insignificant

a reference to Secretary Rumsfeld

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