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Anti-Bush Bandwagon

No progress is ever enough.

President Bush is a sneak, a failure, a liar, and should be removed from office. Did I miss anything? With all due respect to the distinguished members of the Democratic presidential brat pack (and the esteemed Senator Kennedy), listening to the rhetoric being spewed from the left is painful. Knowing we have 14 months more of it feels unbearable.

#ad#In my opinion, the proud members of this elite group hailing the “Oust-Bush” banner are a tad out of step with the American people. Have they seen Bush’s approval ratings these days? Sure, they’re not as high as his 92 percent just one year ago, but at nearly 60 percent, I declare that despite how loud the pack is barking and how freely the liberal media is lending its support, not many people are buying what they’re selling.

Leading the pursuit from left field is Gov. Howard Dean who told CNN’s Jonathan Karl in an interview in July, “I don’t know what the president knew and when the president knew it, but I know that this intelligence-handling is a disaster for the administration at best, and either no one got to the secretary of defense or the president, or his own senior advisors withheld information.”

During the recent Fox News Channel/Congressional Black Caucus Institute debate, Sen. Bob Graham was asked, “In your heart, do you believe that the President intentionally misled the American people?” Graham emphatically stated, “Yes.”

Sen. Joseph Lieberman, Sen. John Kerry, Sen. John Edwards, and Rep. Dick Gephardt, who all supported the president’s war resolution one year ago, are each singing a conveniently different tune today.

Gephardt’s new mantra is “This president is a miserable failure on foreign policy and on the economy and he’s got to be replaced.” Gephardt is so convinced of this that he’s even launched a website by the same name that encourages voters to send e-mails to President Bush and Vice President Cheney with the message, “Tell George Bush and Dick Cheney that in 2004 they are going to lose their jobs. Let them know they’ve lost your vote. Tell George Bush and Dick Cheney it’s almost time for them to hit the unemployment lines!”

Oh yes, very presidential, Mr. Gephardt. Wasn’t it you who said, just after the Clinton-impeachment drama, ”We must turn away, now, from the politics of personal destruction and return to a politics of values.”

But that probably didn’t apply to election season.

The fact is, it’s been five months since American and allied forces liberated the oppressed people of Iraq and made the world a safer place. Can anyone deny that? Despite the relatively few losses, we’ve made great progress in rebuilding and securing the country of Iraq. As President Bush cited recently, more than 8,200 tons of ammunition have been seized since May 1, and 42 of the 55 most-wanted Iraqi leaders captured or killed. Have any of the candidates stopped for a moment to praise the leadership of U.S. defense and intelligence agencies, not to mention the tireless work of our military for this feat?

While members of the first, second, and third string of Democrat presidential candidates continue to bash the president for not having a plan for postwar Iraq, progress is being made and life goes on–in most cases for the better–in Iraq. Sure, the temperature is scorching, the locals are restless, and the evolution is slow. The undertaking is an enormous task. But no one, including the president, ever led us to believe otherwise. But there is a relatively simple plan in motion: Get Iraq back on its feet so we can get the heck out of there. And that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Angela J. Phelps is an Assyrian American whose mother is a native of Baghdad, Iraq. Phelps is the producer of Concerned Women for America’s national radio program Concerned Women Today.

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