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Rush of Adrenaline

Voices your "ditto."

A day without Rush Limbaugh is like a morning without coffee with extra caffeine. It’s like the U.S. Open without Johnny Mac or March without the NCAA basketball tournament, or Lennon without McCartney. It’s like TV without Fox News. That is to say, life without Rush is unsatisfying, boring, incomplete.

#ad#So thank goodness Rush has triumphantly returned this week from drug rehabilitation to his rightful place behind the EIB Golden Microphone. And thank goodness his audience has in no way deserted him; indeed, the ratings indicate that his popularity are higher than ever.

We conservatives hate the sin, but love the sinner. For liberals, it is just the opposite.

It’s especially heartening in listening to Rush this week that he hasn’t taken any of the sting out of his whip. His latest tirade against the awful Medicare prescription-drug bill is a sanity check countering the GOP spin machine–a sound-bite operation that is trying to sell taxpayers a $2 trillion lemon. Thanks, Rush, for helping us try to save Republicans from themselves. They need to come to terms with their nasty addiction (to federal spending).

At the Club for Growth, we have launched a welcome-back campaign for Rush. Our members have responded in the thousands to our declaration of support and gratitude. Please join us. On Friday we will present the “Rush Resolution” to Mr. Limbaugh and we want 10,000 signatures. If you’re courageous enough to give us your John Hancock and give kudos to the Left’s worst nightmare, go to www.clubforgrowth.org/rush.php and sign on. It’s absolutely free. The resolution reads as follows:


WHEREAS, Rush Limbaugh is recognized, without question, as the number one conservative talk show host in the nation;

WHEREAS, Rush Limbaugh is the leading voice in America for promoting the ideals of a free market and a limited government;

WHEREAS, Rush Limbaugh is Howard Dean’s worst nightmare and Hillary Clinton’s most persistent critic;

WHEREAS, Rush Limbaugh is the steely coat of armor protecting the honest, hard-working American people from the sword of high taxes, more intrusive regulation, and unaffordable government expansionism unsheathed by such wacko Democrats like Tom “Puff” Daschle, John “French-looking” Kerry, and Howard “Nikita” Dean;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Club for Growth, the members and friends of which concurring within, wish “El Rushbo” a heartfelt “Welcome Back” as he triumphantly returns to his rightful place behind the EIB Golden Microphone, and once again, keeping the world safe from loony liberalism;

WE, the undersigned, loudly proclaim, “Ditto!”

–National Review/NRO contributing editor Stephen Moore is president of the Club for Growth.

Members of the National Review editorial and operational teams are included under the umbrella “NR Staff.”

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