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Senator Edwards Speaks Out!

Ladies an gennelmen of the jury, the United States is a great country but its growth has been stultified, ladies an gennelmen, an I do mean stultified by the policies of the gennelman who got his way into the White House on account of, well—how would we get along, in American justice, if seven of you voted not guilty, five voted guilty, the judge slams down his gavel an pronounces, the defendant is guilty. We don run things that way in American justice, an we shouldn’t run things that way in Washington where we’re speakin to the whole world, the whole world, ladies an gennelmen, an what are we tellin that whole world?

#ad# We’re tellin em that we can send 135,000 American boys an girls to a foreign country seven thousand miles from where we all are sittin here tonight, an tell them to kill or be killed. We’ve lost now near one thousand Americans doin that. The question is: Did they lose their lives an serve a great American purpose? They gave their lives without complainin, they fought with great honor, with great sacrifice. Last night on CBS they pictured one young man. His mama received a letter from him just the day before, sayin he loved her an sayin he was goin to marry his girl Ellen—no, Ruth was her name—when he got back.

Well, he’ll never be back, cept in a wooden coffin, maybe a bugler or two will blow a song, maybe Ellen . . . Ruth will be there with his mama. But what’s he done for America? Is America a stronger country account his givin his life? Is terrorism less threatenin? The very next day the homelan security people tell us to watch out, that al-Qaeda is plannin an attack right here in America. That’s how much security we’ve accomplished, under the leadership of that man from Texas who began to confuse military work when he served, or so he says, in the National Guard. Ony thing he succeeded in, ladies an gennelmen of the jury, was in hidin out from his superior officers, same people who’re now takin orders from him, life an death orders, to continue in far-out parts of the world tellin Muslim people what America is like an if they don like it they’re DAID, bang bang bang, only sometimes you don know who you’re shootin at because they’re hidden all over the place, an their own people don know where they are an whose side they’re really on, is that what you call a great international mess time, or is that another planet we’re talkin about?

An what’re we sayin about America? We’re sayin we ought to have a society where you can buy medicine for your folks, ole folks an young folks, without mortgagin the house or goin into debt. A country where you got schools where teachers are paid a livin wage an where we welcome the chance of other Americans to work hard an earn a livin addressin the needs of justice, like ahm doin today. But you caint have real justice when you have two classes of people, people who can pay the soarin costs of livin, of gettin a house, gettin medical care, protectin youself from people who work at starvation levels tryin to put you-all out of work. Are we goin to send the Marines out after them? Ha ha. They’re ain’t goin to be any Marines left, at the rate we’re goin. Here’s a question for you: Are there more marines than terrorists? Maybe yes, when the gennelmen Senator Kerry an I are goin to replace began servin as president an vice president.

But how bout now? There’s that ole story about the lady grew up in my part of the world feedin poisoned acorns to kill the raccoons an the squirrels, next day went out an there was lots of coons an squirrels but mosly there was dead chickens!

She got the wrong mix, like our president an vice president, they got the wrong mix, an we got more terrorists an the drug industry in America is gettin more medicines which we can sell only to Canadians because they get them at half price. That’s the only country doesn’t give us immigration problems—they can’t afford to come south, they’d lose their free medicines.

I’ve had a little success, ladies an gennelmen, gettin brave men an women to make hansome awards to people who’ve been aggrieved, an ahm askin you to make a historic award for the America we known an we love, ladies an gennelmen, ahm askin you for fifty states to put America right!!!

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