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The Dnc Hits Nyc

Kerry-Edwards rallies under the guise of "choice."

“It is really important for us to get our vaginas to the polls,” Eve Ensler, best known for her Vagina Monologues, screamed from a stage outside New York’s City Hall.

That was the overarching message of the “March for Women’s Lives” on Saturday.

Laughably, some speakers at the march’s rally tried to pretend the event was something other than a Kerry-Edwards rally. Democratic congressman Anthony Weiner of New York told those gathered–with a straight face–”This is as nonpartisan organization. This is a nonpolitical function.” A woman on the stage directly behind him wore a Kerry-Edwards button on her t-shirt.

Even without her presence on the stage, however, their smoke-and-mirrors act would have been a little difficult to pull off–considering the sea of “Abort Bush,” “Bush You’re Fired,” “Stand Up for John Kerry,” “John 4 John,” “We the People Say No to the Bush Agenda,” and similar placards, t-shirts, and stickers Weiner was looking out on.

The contention was undermined even further when Peggy Kerry hit the podium.

John Kerry’s sister, who works in the U.S. mission to the United Nations, briefly addressed the march rally. And though the march itself and some of the groups cosponsoring it had euphemistic names, the message was as crystal clear as the protesters’ bottles of Venus Water for Women.

Said Kerry, “If you are too young to vote…call your friends’ parents and their friends.” She continued, “the issue of choice depends upon us.”

She never actually told those gathered that her brother John was the one to vote for on Nov. 2, but there was no doubt on the street. This was no Big Tent Republican event. This was an anti-Bush, pro-Kerry event.

Except in the context of wanting to abort Bush, though, or expressing the wish that his mother had aborted him, the word “abortion” was rarely uttered (it been similarly scarce at the “March for Women’s Lives” in Washington, D.C., back in April). This dance around the word seems unnatural, given the group’s all-around upfront and in-your-face crassness. Frat boys might have made a field trip for the shirtless women kissing (such women always had stickers on their nipples to avoid arrest for indecency). T-shirts on some fully clothed women said, “My Bush Could Make a Better President.”

NARAL Pro-choice New York has taken out ads expressing its love for pro-abortion Republicans George Pataki, Mike Bloomberg, Westchester County District Attorney Jeanine Pirro, and Rudy Giuliani. On Monday, Planned Parenthood holds a celebrity-filled “Big Tent” extravaganza. Don’t be fooled: The elephant on the march was the Democratic party, as it inevitably is when the abortion industry gathers. The Democratic National Committee volunteers signing up people to vote on the streets of Lower Manhattan only seal the deal.

The DNC was also out in full force on Sunday when supposed “anarchists” hit the streets. Again the message was hard to hide–the anti-Bush and pro-Kerry-Edwards buttons, t-shirts, and placards gave their game away. The “choice” protesters on Saturday were urged to hold on to their placards: “Stand up for choice all week,” a staffer urged from the stage. When you see them, read them as what they are: Kerry-Edwards signs, held by Kerry-Edwards voters.


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