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Morning-After Thoughts

The good, the bad, the interesting, the weird.

The good thoughts: Congratulations to the majority of American voters who chose correctly, amidst every conceivable distraction, in a dangerous time. Congratulations to Bush and Cheney for their ability to inspire and lead their base of support. Congratulations to the GOP machine for bringing those supporters to the polls.

The bad thoughts: It is a shame that the election was jeopardized by Bush’s stubbornness and cockiness, and the inarticulacy arising from them, in the presidential debates. He is an excellent schmoozer one on one, and he can give good set-piece presentations. But he feels no need to, and has very little skill in, keeping up an argument. We suffer from this in other ways, apart from elections–in our diplomacy, chiefly. This won’t change, because Bush can’t change; we must take the bitter with the sweet. But we should acknowledge it. Shame on the liberal hawks (with a few exceptions–Ron Silver, Christopher Hitchens) who, when the test came, flunked.

Interesting thought: Whither the Democrats? James Carville said some interesting things on CNN last night. He should–he worked for the last guy on their side who knew how to work the problem. Clearly, running a Massachusetts liberal who straddled on the war was not the way to go.

Weird thought: Was that a girl flashing her breasts behind Carville’s head?


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