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Sweet Charity

A giving guide.

Tis the season to be grateful, and in the humane and the holiday spirit, I suggest generous contributions to the following charities, all of which deserve our support:

Air Force Aid Society

Any Soldier: delivers care packages to overseas servicemen

Army Emergency Relief

Fisher House: builds “comfort homes” on the grounds of military hospitals for families of wounded veterans; sponsors scholarships for veterans’ children

Helping Our Heroes Foundation: supplies wounded veterans with mentoring, financial, and career assistance, and helps with emergency financial needs

Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund

Navy/Marine Relief Society

Operation Iraqi Children: founded by actor Gary Sinese and Seabiscuit author Laura Hillenbrand to buy, ship, and deliver school supplies to children and schools in Iraq

Programs and Money for Retraining Disabled Marines

Scholarships for Marines and Dependents

Noemie Emery is a contributing editor to The Weekly Standard and author of the forthcoming Great Expectations: The Lives of Political Sons.


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