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Do as Matt Walsh has done.

My father celebrated his 91st birthday this week with his four conservative daughters. He shares this political legacy with National Review, his favorite magazine. We grew up with trenchant points in NR being read aloud to us and were regaled with stories about the charm and smarts of Bill Buckley. Matt Walsh would recount Buckley ripostes like other fathers would recall a baseball great’s pitches or saves. [Note to Rich: Is that what a baseball great does?] Once launched, we each became loyal subscribers and faithful, grateful readers. So far, there’s not a liberal among the 12 children we have produced, most of whom confess addictions to NRO. See how this works? Read and you shall multiply — the number of conservatives.

Where would any of us be without National Review? Where would National Review be without its Matt Walshes? For over 50 of his 91 years he has been delighted to support the magazine that has so delighted him. All of us at National Review will be honored and grateful if you decide to do the same.


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