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No class, &c.

I was reading about John Kerry’s trip to the Middle East, during which he knocked the policies of the president. (The headline over this report is “Kerry Criticizes Bush in Egypt.”) I thought of JFK’s alleged putdown of Nixon: No class.

Yes, no class.

I also noticed that, about the time Kerry was sitting down with the Syrians, Bush was slamming Damascus for its imprisonment of dissidents. I wonder whether Kerry, in his talks with the regime, raised political prisoners.

I wouldn’t bet the ranch.

Do you remember when the Democrats — thanks mainly to Jimmy Carter’s rhetoric — were known as “the human-rights party”? Been a while.

John Kerry, along with many others, is pushing “dialogue” with the Iranians and Syrians. I have no doubt that the Middle East’s dictators would prefer Kerry to Bush as president. But, to get a Kerry type, they’ll just have to wait a couple of years — minimum.

‐Oh, I forgot to tell you about the Christmas Show at Radio City! Next Impromptus, guys — gotta run. Have a good one.


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