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Women of the Year Awards

There is plenty of nonsense to be recognized.

Here are the girls (and, yes, we are allowed to call them girls) who made this year memorable, each in her own special way.

The Marie Antoinette Big Spender Award: Hillary Rodham Clinton

$80,000 for munchies at the Tavern on the Green. Nearly $7,000 for flowers. $30 million to beat nobody. If this is how she runs a campaign, imagine her at the helm of the federal budget.

The “Stand By Your Man” Award: Nancy Pelosi

Speaker Pelosi who put on a brave face when Steny Hoyer beat out John Murtha for Majority Leader. Put on a brave face when her first choice for Intelligence Committee Chairman, Alcee Hastings, went off track and put on a brave face when Sylvestre Reyes, her second choice, flunked his Congressional Quarterly terrorism test. (Yes, Sylvestre, there is a Hezbollah) Okay, so the new Speaker only has one face. Never a frown line, please.

The 2006 Put A Sock In It Award: Rosie O’Donnell

Do we really even have to explain?

The Bimbo Lifetime Achievement Award: Paris Hilton

Her contributions to American culture have made all other dumb blonds look, like, smart. You go, girl.

The “Lady In Red” Fashion Faux Pas of the Year Award: The three anonymous women at the White House Christmas party.

They showed up at a White House Christmas party wearing the same $8,500 dress as Mrs. Bush (and are really, really, really mad at Oscar De La Renta!).

The Angelina Jolie Accessory of the Year Award: Madonna

She, like Bradjolina, added a third-world child to her collection this year causing another international controversy just in time for her world tour. You’d think a crucifixion would have been enough?

The First Annual Macaca Award: The Regulars on The View (including Barbara Walters)

The gave a drunk a soapbox from which denounce the president of the United States and sneer at the White House, which they all found quite amusing. Come on, girls, get a grip.

The 2006 “They Said It Couldn’t Be Done” Award: Judith Regan

The only woman — hey, the only person — to find a story so revolting she managed to creep out Rupert Murdoch.

The Janet Jackson Memorial Peep Show Award: Britney Spears

For the most unforgettable (though we’d really like to) wardrobe malfunction of ’06.

The “Real Women Have Curves” Award: Anna “The Devil Wears Prada” Wintour

For courageously spearheading a move to use only models who, at six-feet tall, are full-bodied and healthy — and will fit, of course, into size 0 jeans.

The Bob Schieffer “Wish You Were Here ” Award: Katie Couric

The “Queen of Cute.” Who woulda thought $15 millions could buy so little? Next year craft segments?

The “I thought you were my girl friend” Award: Oprah

Who, with her magic touch, and help from a near-hysterical national media, transformed Barack into Hillary’s worst nightmare. Run, Barack, run!

– Myrna Blyth is an NRO contributor and co-author, together with Chriss Winston, of How to Raise an American: 1776 Fun and Easy Tools, Tips, and Activities to Help Your Child Love This Country .

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