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Among the Antiwarriors

Just another D.C. weekend.

Editor’s note: These are photos from an antiwar rally in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, September 15, 2007. All photos and text are by Mark Hemingway. For more from the scene, see here.

What a coincidence! RBNLIVE.com is a nutjob.

This guy is selling T-shirts. Markets do work, apparently.

Nobody cares, we’re just shamelessly trolling for web hits.

Hey, you said it…

“So I take it you support Kucinich?”

In a very crowded area, nobody was standing anywhere near this guy.

Mark Krikorian, call your office.

The guy out front is conducting. Lyndon LaRouche supporters are performing a frighteningly competent a cappella version of “Battle Cry of Freedom.” There simply are no words.

The guy handing this out asked if I was interested in “non-violent eating.” I realize that this is an antiwar rally, but if you think breakfast is an act of aggression there’s really no hope.

Speaking of history lessons, I just didn’t have the energy to tell her that Nixon didn’t start Vietnam, ended the draft and was the guy that started pulling the U.S. out of the war.

Pastors for peace: Regime change in the US, not in Cuba. Okay, where to start. When Carlos Santana performed the theme from the The Motorcyle Diaries at the Academy Awards, he was wearing a crucifix over a Che T-shirts. In response, Cuban jazz great Paquito D’Rivera to wrote a letter to El Nuevo Herald castigating Mr. Santana, translated in a New Republic article two years ago: “One of those Cubans [at La Cabana, a prison in Cuba run by Guevara] was my cousin Bebo, who was imprisoned there precisely for being a Christian. He recounts to me with infinite bitterness how he could hear from his cell in the early hours of dawn the executions, without trial or process of law, of the many who died shouting, ‘Long live Christ the King!’” But it’s good to know that in 2007, crucifix wearing “pastors” think that Cuba is more amenable to Christianity than the U.S.


So Nazis and the Japanese were executed for the same war crimes by Bush and his neocons committed 60 years later? Or are you referring to the time Bush and Cheney ordered the Rape of Nanking?

The actual quote is: “Those who would sacrifice liberty for SECURITY deserve neither,” because that makes sense. Those who sacrifice liberty for freedom are probably too busy drooling on cardboard to have much of an opinion about the war.

This guy claims he’s a disabled Vietnam vet. I’m going to go ahead and assume that’s a mental disability.

“Why, yes — everytime I walk two miles in the sun I carry a life-sized stuffed collie. Why do you ask?”

You can only take so many signs that say “No blood for oil” before you need a palate cleanser.

 – Mark Hemingway is a National Review Online staff reporter.


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