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Hillary gone wild.

The Clinton team was supposed to be known for sticking to the year-long make-over script, especially after the disastrous sound bite (“suspension of disbelief”), but lately the senator has gone wild. She egotistically claimed that ipso facto her election would bring down world oil prices. Then she claimed ownership of the surge she tried to stop, by boasting that those parochial Iraqis apparently listen to her every word, as Iraqis, the U.S. military, and the enemy all must adjust their strategy to her most current position on the war.

Then she offered a history lesson of the civil-rights movement as a way to explain the difference between her, the sophisticated and savvy parliamentarian, and Sen. Obama the inspirational naif, who, apparently in the African-American rhetorical tradition, is a useful foot soldier to rile up the masses, before turning over the real legislative work to the pros.

Now she calls the president “pathetic” for his jawboning of the Saudis to lower oil prices. Far better I suppose just to wait for her election, when the price will tumble spontaneously as promised.

The egotism is only tag-teamed by narcissistic Bill’s serial temper tantrums, finger-pointing, and revisionism. If the two keep it up, at some point I think we will see a steady surge for Obama, mostly as a cry of the collective heart to be free once and for all of these people.

I once thought it was suicidal of Obama to simply smile, talk inanely of “change,” offer no concrete proposals, and play rope-a-dope deflection to nonstop Clinton innuendo and rumor-mongering. But he may have far more insight that most of us: The more Hillary talks, attacks, cries, pontificates, and rewrites history, the more he appears sympathetic and above her petty fray as she punches herself out.


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