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Creationism Canard

In response to David Berg: For goodness sake David, get out of that nest of thieves. The creationists can’t even keep their lies straight. Out of one side of their mouths they are whining that their ideas can’t get a hearing in the Academy. Out of the other they are boasting how many college classes mention their drivel! (Shamefully, if other than in history or sociology courses.)

This is not science or religion. It is what I exactly and precisely nailed it as in the column you object to: It is “an appeal to barbarism.” It is the negation of three hundred years of magnificent intellectual history. Ben Stein is bored with civilization, like one of Cavafy’s Alexandrians.

You are a decent guy, David. Do you really want to be in bed with that? What on earth are you doing, hanging out with these charlatans? You, Ben Stein, David Klinghoffer – what’s going on? How did this idea take root that creationism is Good For The Jews? It is Evangelical support for Israel? But don’t they believe Israel has to get annihilated before the Rapture can come on?

(And no, that Stein clip is not taken out of context. The rest of the interview is as bad, if not worse. Watch the whole appalling, disgraceful thing here. Then tell me, if you can, why any educated person of integrity would touch creationism with a ten-foot pole.)

– John Derbyshire is a contributing editor for National Review.

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