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Although its their own internecine fight, I have been impressed at the mainstream media’s manipulation and outright partisan interference in the Democratic primary. One doesn’t have to be a fan of the Clintons to see what’s going on — the overt attempt by the mainstream media to anoint a presumptive nominee months before primary elections are held and decided.

They have pursued an overtly anti-democratic process, with their own cadres of pundits and commentators dictating the desired or forecast results prior to millions of their fellow citizens having the opportunity to vote. Let us recall, that until recent history, presidential candidates were selected at the convention, following roll-call votes by the state delegations. Until such roll-call votes are held there is no official candidate.

Since early February, all of MSNBC and most of CNN has not only declared Obama as winner, they have been an echo chamber for Obama’s campaign to urge Clinton to drop out and concede or to ridicule her for not doing so. It’s inevitable” they keep repeating. Then, following up on their arrogant prescience they belittle every subsequent primary victory for Clinton, even when won with lopsided 70-30 percent margins.

What has been largely ignored is that since the Rev. Wright and Obama San Francisco comments, Clinton has won nearly every single primary. In other words: The better the public gets to know the real Obama, the worse he does at the polls. This is why they have wanted Clinton to quit, the earlier the better.

If ever there was any doubt about the media’s bias and partisanship — it has been dispelled by their incessant calls to hound Clinton out of the race. Even reasonable Democrats must see this now.

But what occurred this past Saturday at the Democratic party’s rules committee must make every freedom loving American shudder.

Hundreds of thousands of voters from Florida and Michigan had their votes canceled out, divided up, and reapportioned. Why should it matter what conflicting Democratic committees said at the time or what any of the candidates said at the time? The irrefutable fact of the matter is that neither election was canceled. Both elections were held and the citizens of both states went to the polls in an open, fair, and democratic election fully believing they were casting votes to decide who the Democratic nominee for president would be. These voters, and by extension the entire American electorate, were deceived, betrayed, and disenfranchised.

MSNBC may disagree, but this is no insignificant matter. It is not, as they would have us believe, a trivial matter of arcane rules and regulations. It is a direct assault on our liberty.

We’ve seen and heard it all before — the commissars in the Soviet Union interpreting election results. Well,” they say, there was bad weather in the Ukraine and the miners couldn’t get to the polls that day. Should we penalize the miners? Of course not. The miners, had they shown up, would have voted for Vladimir. Everyone knows that. To say otherwise is to be against the miners. It is to be against the true Will of the People, which only we can devine. So, we’ll assign their votes to Vladimir.”

How many times on Saturday did we hear the phrase that should make every free citizen shiver, The true Will of the People.We know what the voters of Michigan or Florida intended to do, because we have the exit polls, or we have the MSNBC poll, or we have the anecdotal evidence.” Instead of simply counting votes, which is the only fair thing to do with votes in any election anywhere — the members of the Democratic-party rules Committee deem it in their purview to decipher votes, interpret votes, translate votes — anything but count them! Then, to add fantasy to falsehood they insisted on conjuring votes that were never even cast. After all, so goes their illogic, if voters didn’t show up who otherwise would have, its up to the Committee members to discern how they would have voted if they did.

The fact that this committee of self-appointed commissars met at all, with the intention to nullify or change election results is appalling enough. The additional fact that the media was silent in the face of this monstrosity is cause for grave concern.

Studying the MSNBC and CNN videotapes, one will discover the frequent instances where these most interested partisans announced the primaries over, anointed Obama and called on Clinton to quit or repeatedly echoed the calls of those who did.

Then there are the proceedings of Saturday’s committee, replete with phrases, quotes, and assertions that are nearly word-for-word identical to proceedings of the Soviet Central committee, texts from meetings of the Comintern, and speeches from Fidel Castro or the Sandinistas. Long live the dictatorship of the Proletariat!

If anyone has shown their true colors in this election season, it’s the left-wing radicals who control the Democratic party and their partisan allies in the press.

Ronald F. Maxwell directed the movie God and Generals.


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