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MoveOn.org has rejoined the fight for the public option, part of an unforeseen revival of the health-care plank most thought dead months ago:

During a week that more and more Democratic lawmakers declare it’s the put the public option back into healthcare reform, MoveOn sent an alert to its members Friday urging them to contact the White House and tell Obama to get on board.

So far, 18 Democratic senators and more than 119 House Democrats have signed on to letters in support of including a public option in the final healthcare bill.

“The public option was given up for dead, but in the last week, first a trickle, and now a flood of Democrats have been calling for it to be in the final ‘reconciliation’ bill,” the alert says. “I’ll be a whole new ballgame for the public option if President Obama throws his weight behind it too.” [Emphasis theirs.]

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