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Squashing Life’s Little Pleasures

Liberals object to dodgeball, pin-ups, flirting, and even wood-burning fireplaces.

Reading the onslaught of angry denunciations of Burger King by mental-health organizations and mainstream-media reporters this past week reminded me of a characteristic of the Left not often commented on: a certain joylessness, even an antipathy to the little joys that contribute more than almost anything else to most people’s ability to endure life’s difficulties.

These characteristics further reinforce the view that Leftism functions as a secular religion. Like the medieval Christians who wore hairshirts and the Puritans who thought dancing was sacrilegious, the Left, consciously or not, is uncomfortable with many of the joys people experience (with such notable exceptions as sex and drugs).

#ad#Needless to say, the Left always has noble explanations — usually the protection of people’s emotions and health — for opposing and even banning these joys, but the end result is fewer of the little joys that mean a great deal to people.

Burger King’s ad is innocuous and innocent. It features the company’s royal mascot running through a building, knocking a person over, and crashing through a glass window to deliver the new Burger King Steakhouse XT burger. Called “crazy” by those present, he is finally tackled by men in white coats. The “king’s insane,” the ad notes, for “offering so much beef for $3.99.”

This has triggered a storm of criticism from activists (a term which, unless otherwise specified, always refers to liberal or left-wing activists).

Michael Fitzpatrick, executive director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, called the ad “blatantly offensive. . . . I was stunned. Absolutely stunned and appalled.” David Shern, president and chief executive of Mental Health America in Alexandria, echoed this assessment. And reporters at outlets from the Associated Press to the Washington Post all agreed.

If this were isolated, it would be worth mentioning only in the context of wondering why people who run mental-health — and most other activist — organizations seem to have so little common sense. They should listen to William Gardner of Los Angeles, who wrote to me:

I am a father of a 24-year-old son with [a] mental-health issue. I am particularly tuned to protecting my son’s self-image. My son and I have both seen the Burger King ad that you have referred to. It did not occur to either of us that the Burger King ad was offensive in any way. Why would I raise my son to be hypersensitive about his disability? My objective as a parent is to strengthen him. Making him hypersensitive would have the opposite effect.

But the Left has problems with much else as well: smoking (including cigars and pipes); virtually all kids’ games that can make a kid feel at all bad or get at all hurt; wood-burning fireplaces; cars; most jokes and any flirting in the workplace; incandescent light bulbs; cool homes in summer; and more.


One of life’s great little pleasures is tobacco. Just watch old war reportage to see the serenity and joy a cigarette can bring to a wounded soldier. Though I do not smoke cigarettes, I have been smoking cigars and pipes since I was in college (my father still smokes cigars daily at age 91), and it would be difficult to overstate how much I enjoy both.


No one opposes educating the public about the dangers of cigarette smoking. Cigarette smoking shortens the lives of up to one-third of smokers, often in terrible ways, and that is what public-health organizations should be saying. But the battle against smoking and tobacco has become a religious crusade for anti-smoking zealots, who are almost invariably on the Left. If the Left hated Hugo Chávez or Fidel Castro as much as it hates “Big Tobacco,” the world would be a better place.

But because the Left hates the fact that people smoke (tobacco, not marijuana, which the Left defends), it uses totalitarian (I use that term with no exaggeration) tactics to eliminate it. Just as the Soviets removed Trotsky from old photos, anti-smoking zealots have forced the removal of cigarettes from old photos — from photos of FDR to a Beatles album cover — and from movies whenever possible. Torture and murder are ubiquitous in films, but smoking is all but banned — even cigars are now banned from James Bond films.

#ad#Smoking has been banned in entire cities, outdoors as well as indoors. In Pasadena, Calif., one cannot even smoke in a cigar store. That the Left has contempt for Prohibition reveals a lack of self-awareness that is quite remarkable.


Virtually every game I played as a child during school recess — tag, dodgeball, soccer, touch football, even monkey bars is now banned, because organizations such as the National Program for Playground Safety deem games in which kids are “running into each other” too dangerous. Someone might get hurt.

Until a few years ago, just about every American boy, and many girls, played dodgeball. No more. This joy, too, has been eliminated from American life. “We consider it inappropriate to use children as human targets,” said Mary Marks, physical education supervisor for Fairfax County, Va. And it may hurt the feelings of kids who are eliminated.

For the same reason — the potential hurt feelings of those eliminated — musical chairs is no longer played in some schools.

Some might argue that these bans are not due to leftism but due to fear of lawsuits. But in light of how left-wing the trial bar is, that only reinforces my argument.


For men working in, let us say, a car-repair shop, there is not much by way of excitement or visual beauty in the work place, so it used to be the case that the typical repair shop or factory had its pin-up calendar — a calendar featuring photos of beautiful women in sexy poses, usually clad in no more than a bikini, sometimes less. The Left, in another totalitarian move, has banned pin-ups. Their reasons: sexism and, potentially, hostile environment. How can a woman possibly work at, or bring her car into, a repair shop where there is a picture of a scantily clad woman? The same people who clamor for a woman’s right to walk in public with no top on (because men are allowed to) have banned photos of women with no tops on.



A joy in life since the advent of men and women has been men flirting with – “chatting up” – women. No more. Virtually anything related to a male reaction to a fellow employee who is female can be grounds for his losing his job and worse. What began as a campaign against bosses trading professional advances for sexual favors has degenerated into the elimination of essentially all the fun — and, yes, potential emotional hurt — of man-woman dialogue. At work, a man never knows what comment to what woman will trigger his being sent, as in Communist regimes, to a “re-education” program, being fined, having charges leveled against him, being humiliated, having a permanent mark on his employment record, and, of course, losing his job.

#ad#There is no question that some men went too far in their sexually charged comments to women. But as a rule, we have wildly overreacted. Women are not wimps. But the Left has inculcated a sense of victimhood into large numbers of women and thereby rendered them weak — just as it has, in ways too numerous to mention, emasculated men. I deplore crude comments. But in the America I grew up in, it was legal to speak crudely; either decent men would shut the crude man up or the woman would give the crude man a well-earned smack across the face.

Today, any hint of the sexual tension that naturally and joyfully exists between the two sexes has been banned. In the attempt to eliminate any pain caused by inappropriate comments, the Left has done what it tries to do about all pain — ban actions that may lead to it. As a result, gone are the joys of man-woman repartee in the workplace.


For most Americans, the car is not only a source of much pleasure, but also rightly identified with individual liberty. But here, too, to the extent the Left is able, it will tell you what kind of car you can drive and, if possible, get you out of your car and into mass transit.


To the Left, your home is not your castle; it is another place of too many joys that the Left would like to ban.

One joy I particularly like is the wood-burning fireplace. In California, the Left’s environmentalist activists have banned them from being built in all new homes. Too many harmful emissions. Meanwhile, at the other end of the temperature spectrum, activists wish to determine how low you can set your air conditioner, lest you use more energy than the Left believes you should.

Do you like your present light bulbs? The Left has banned them in favor of CFLs, which contain mercury. These new bulbs give a fair number of people headaches, emit less pleasant light, are initially much more expensive, and, if broken, necessitate opening windows even in winter. The EPA has issued a 16-point procedure to follow if a CFL bulb breaks; for instance, people and pets must leave the area.

Indeed, if the Left had its way, the house would eventually become an anachronism as everyone gradually moved into space-saving, less polluting, less energy-wasting apartments.

Every poll on the subject has concluded that liberals are less happy than conservatives. There are many reasons for this, and given the importance of little joys to happiness, the Left’s religious opposition to many of them is surely one of those reasons. The problem for the rest of us, however, is that, like most unhappy people, many folks on the Left don’t like seeing anyone happier than they are.

Dennis Prager is a nationally syndicated radio talk-show host and columnist. He may be contacted through his website, dennisprager.com.

Dennis Prager — Dennis Prager’s latest book, The Ten Commandments: Still the Best Moral Code, was published by Regnery. He is a nationally syndicated radio show host and creator of PragerUniversity.com. © 2018 Creators.com.

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