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Angle Joins Chorus of Critics on AZ Immigration Ruling

On the heels of yesterday’s ruling, Sharron Angle has put out this single-paragraph press release:

It’s bad enough the Federal Government won’t secure our borders, but today’s ruling is an absolute outrage. Harry Reid and the Democrats in Washington have failed to secure America’s borders, refused to enforce federal laws, and neglected to address one of the most serious problems facing our country.  This is an unacceptable failure of our federal government and the people of Nevada deserve better than a so-called leader in the Senate who won’t even acknowledge that illegal immigration is a problem here at home.  Instead of waging a legal battle against Arizona, this current administration should instead secure the borders and allow the people of Arizona the right to no longer live in fear of criminals and drug traffickers. Illegal immigration burdens our economy, threatens our safety, and undermines the legitimate process by which millions of people became American citizens.

Expect Sharron Angle to beat this drum throughout the campaign season. According to a Rasmussen poll earlier this month, 63% of Nevada’s voters disagreed with the Justice Department’s decision to challenge the Arizona law in court and 65% favored passage of an Arizona-type law.

Harry Reid is generally opposed to the Arizona law and supports comprehensive immigration reform, a position that could hurt him with some voters. However, it could pay off with Latino voters who make up about 12% of the state’s electorate.


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