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Fact-Checking Harry Reid, Supposed Savior of NV Teachers

If you’re wondering about the presumed basis for the Harry Reid ad claiming to have saved 3,500 teaching jobs, Nevada has been awarded $445 million in stimulus funding from the Department of Education, according to the Recovery.gov website.

Nevada’s state education officials arrived at a “jobs saved” figure by dividing that figure by the average salary and benefits of a school employee. Sharron Angle has repeatedly said she would have opposed the Recovery Act.

Also, the Las Vegas Review-Journal has a story with the headline “New Reid ad stars teacher whose job wasn’t on the chopping block.” The piece includes a defense of the ad by Harry Reid spokesperson Jon Summers and some statements from Clark County School District employees.

The Reid campaign has gone after the Las Vegas Review-Journal for its story using adjectives like “shoddy,” “sloppy,” “false,” and “biased.” The battle between Team Reid and the R-J has been going on all year, so much so that even the L.A. Times noticed.


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