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New PR Help Arrives in Nevada to Assist Angle

Sharron Angle has a few new staffers and strategists on board to help manage communications and media relations in the biggest Senate race in all the land.

Jordan Gehrke, a GOP strategist with national campaign experience, will be filling the role of communications director. Gehrke has significant experience in direct mail, fundraising, voter contact and internet media communications.

Gehrke will be assisted by deputy communications director, Ciara Matthews, as well as by spokesperson and longtime Angle staffer Jerry Stacy.

Matthews is the former communications director for the Nevada Republican Party, a job she has held since January of this year. She says she anticipates being the primary campaign contact for and with the Las Vegas media, while Stacy will likely focus more on media relations in northern Nevada.

Matthews said Angle is scheduled to be traveling for 54 of the next 80 days, but will grant as many interviews and Q&A sessions with the Nevada press as is possible and “strategically beneficial” to her campaign.

It was also announced this week that GOP operative and consultant Brian Jones, a former communications director for both the RNC and McCain campaign, is going to be advising the Angle campaign (as well as Carly Fiorina in California) on the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s dime.

With new Rasmussen numbers that show Angle now slightly behind Reid, the new kids in town are much needed and perhaps just in time.

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