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President Obama Endorses: Colorado Needs ‘More Leaders like Michael Bennet’

Appointed Democratic Senator Michael Bennet launched a new round of TV ads and robocalls designed to up the pressure on primary opponent Andrew Romanoff.

Bennet’s Facebook page touts a pair of messages from President Barack Obama, beginning with portions of the President’s speech to Colorado Democrats at a rally this past February that will appear as part of a new TV ad buy.


And last week a pre-recorded phone message was delivered to thousands of Democratic primary voters:

Romanoff has gone “all in” with the sale of his house to provide a last-minute $325,000 cash infusion for his campaign’s final push to the Aug. 10 primary. And in his own way, Bennet is gambling, too, in his decision not to shy away from President Obama’s endorsement despite sinking poll numbers which have the potential to drag down the appointed senator in a tough general-election climate.

Earlier in the week Rep. Diana DeGette (CO-1) endorsed Bennet over Romanoff, who previously shared an overlapping constituency in the city of Denver with the Congresswoman when he served in the Colorado House. This endorsement completes a sweep of the five members of Colorado’s Democratic Congressional delegation.


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