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Rasmussen Shifts Reid Race to ‘Leans Dem’ from ‘Toss-Up’

 According to the latest Rasmussen numbers, Harry Reid is now up over Sharron Angle 45-43% with a margin of error of +/- 4%.  Two weeks ago, Rasmussen had Angle up over Reid 46-43%.

Reid’s “Very Unfavorables” are now at 48% while 41% say the same of Angle, and 50% see Reid as “extreme” while 58% see Angle in the same light.  Conversely, Reid is seen as “mainstream” by 41% while only 37% apply that label to Angle.

Among non-affiliated voters, Rasmussen found that 55% consider Reid’s views extreme while 52% say the same about Angle. This is an interesting statistic because, depending on voter turnout, it is likely that Nevada’s independent voters are those who will decide the election.

One important take-away point is that, when compared to Angle, Harry Reid is seen as equally extreme, or very nearly so.

In a state where 45% of the likely voters consider themselves at least somewhat conservative whereas only 24% identify as somewhat liberal, the more conservative candidate would normally have the edge.  But if the Rasmussen results showing 59% of moderates in favor of Reid are accurate, and if the ad attacks on Angle (as well as her own rhetoric) continue to persuade both Republican and independent moderates that Angle is perhaps a little too conservative, Reid may indeed be the one with the edge.

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