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Rory Reid Emerging from Polling Abyss?

The latest Rasmussen numbers show Democratic governor candidate Rory “Son of Harry” Reid now down by just 10% when compared to his Republican opponent Brian Sandoval, a former federal judge who gave up a lifetime seat on the bench to run for the state’s highest executive office.  Sandoval now earns 50% of the vote to Rory’s 40%. 

Earlier this month, Sandoval led Reid by 21 points, 57% to 36%. 

Since early spring, support for Sandoval had been running between 53% and 57%. In that same period, Reid was only at 31% to 36% support.

Sandoval is preferred by voters not affiliated with either political party, 47% to 32%, a reflection of the conservative leanings of Nevada’s independent and third-party voters.

Only 12% of Nevada’s voters view Sandoval “Very Unfavorably” while Reid, who is the chairman of the Clark County Board of Commissioners, has Very Unfavorables at 38%.

As jovially pointed out by the Nevada press corps at every opportunity, Reid, the son of Democratic Senate majority leader Harry Reid, has often chosen to leave his last name out of press releases and ads, branding himself as just “Rory.” Despite this, his father appears to be doing better in the polls than he is.

The Republican Governor’s Association recently poked fun at Reid’s reluctance to embrace his surname: 


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