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Scott and McCollum Criticize AZ Immigration Ruling

The Florida gubernatorial candidates are vying to outdo one another in attacking the injunction issued yesterday, preventing the essential parts of Arizona’s new immigration law from taking effect.

From Rick Scott’s campaign website:

This type of ruling is a perfect example of why there is so much frustration with the political class in this country. It just doesn’t make sense for a judge to prohibit police from doing their job and asking people they arrest to show proof that they are here legally. The Arizona law is right and as I’ve said many times before, as Governor, I’ll bring the Arizona law to Florida.

And here’s Bill McCollum, via blogger Kevin Derby at Sunshinestatenews.com:

“Today, the sovereignty of states has been dealt a serious blow by the judge’s order blocking implementation of some of the most significant provisions of Arizona’s immigration law,” said [Attorney General Bill] McCollum who is running in the Republican gubernatorial primary. “The order will prevent law enforcement from performing critical functions under that law while the court deliberates on the constitutionality of the law’s key provisions. The Obama administration continues its efforts to strip rights away from our states, and we should all be very concerned about these repeated intrusions.”

McCollum expressed support for bringing a similar measure to Florida.

“My office will continue to actively support Arizona in the legal fight challenging this law,” said McCollum. “I will also continue working with Representative Will Snyder, House chairman of Criminal and Civil Justice Policy Council, to draft legislation for Florida’s version of the Arizona immigration law that will strengthen our immigration laws and give law enforcement additional tools in combating illegal immigration.”

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