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Twelve ways back to fiscal responsibility, according to Rubio

The Marco Rubio campaign released a 12-point memo yesterday outlining steps Rubio, as a senator, would advocate to guide the nation back to some needed budgetary balance. Some of the ideas are a bit gimmicky–cutting the White House and Congressional budget is not going to solve the budget problem–but, hey, you’ve got to start cutting the budget somewhere (everywhere?). Certainly re-appropriating the bank-bailout and stimulus funds to pay down the deficit is a solid idea, as is mandating a cap on Congressional spending, were Congress ever in a mood to abide by a cap which is so easily undone.

You can find Marco’s whole budget-balancing platform, Ideas to Reclaim America: 12 Simple Ways to Cut Spending, here.

Travis Kavulla — Travis Kavulla, a former associate editor of National Review, is a writer in Montana and the Republican nominee for public service commissioner for the state. He currently edits National Review ...

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