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Allen West Brushes Off Attacks, says They are of ‘No Consequence to a Professional Soldier’

Yesterday, Ron Klein, Democratic incumbent in FL-8, released a transcript of Allen West’s appearance on an internet talk show, with portions highlighted to show West’s “radical positions.”

Here’s a segment of West’s response, sent to supporters this morning:

Insidious child-like name calling emanating from those on the far left is of no consequence to a professional Soldier who has fought in several combat zones.  However, there is a clear hypocrisy when you consider any statement against President Obama’s policies results in claims of racism, while a decorated combat veteran gets called a “dangerous extremist.” Yet again, we see the fear and desperation of liberals when a minority political figure escapes their modern day plantation and promotes a conservative ideology of individual responsibility and accountability, free market solutions, American values and leadership, and national security.

Maybe Klein and his political hacks need a history lesson.  The British once called our Founding Fathers radicals and extremists, but all Americans today call them Patriots.


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