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Allen West Plays the Race Card in Reverse

The Allen West campaign for Congress in FL-22 makes the point that Jimmy Carter-esque attempts to paint criticism of Obama as racism are absurd. That said, calling Democrats “the party of segregation” isn’t exactly a path back to rational discourse.

The problem for Democrats in general and Congressman Ron Klein in particular, is that if they want to continue to indulge in the luxury of racial politics when it comes to their leader, President Obama, then they are going to have answer this tough question. If attacks against President Obama’s policies are “racist” by the American people who disagree with them, are attacks against Col. West’s ideas, which mirror the conservative people of this country, “racist” as well?

Democrats had better be careful of their hypocrisy. The party of social engineering which has helped decimate the black community, the party of segregation and the party of the late Senator Robert Byrd of Kux Klux Klan fame, had better beware. It is unfair to castigate the opposition when the person is a liberal black American, unless the same rules apply to attacks against a conservative black American.

Rev.Jackson, Rev. Sharpton… we’re waiting for your arrival to demand equity for Col. Allen West. Something tells me we will be waiting a long time…


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