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Angle Asks for Dollars to Balance Reid, MSNBC Propaganda

Sharron Angle’s latest fundraising missive pushes back on a claim made by the Reid campaign and challenges supporters to make a donation to let Harry Reid know “that we can’t be intimidated” and “we won’t be shouted down by Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow.” Here it is:

Dear Friend,

Just a few weeks ago, a Harry Reid ad featured a teacher falsely claiming her job was saved by Reid.  However, further investigation showed that her job wasn’t even at risk.  Now he’s dropped on Nevada voters another whopper- that he just saved an additional 1,400 teacher jobs.  But the Las Vegas Review Journal called the ad a “work of fiction” and said that Harry Reid just “made it up.”

The worst thing of all?  Harry Reid’s friends in the liberal media have failed to call him out on it.


That’s what we are facing in this race.  Harry Reid drops millions of special interest money running ads with men holding machine guns, hinting this grandmother of ten supports armed rebellion, and the liberal media laughs.  But while he distracts us with deceitful ads and lies, Harry Reid and his liberal allies plan on continuing their deficit spending and increasing the debt.


We must say enough is enough.


Will you stand with me and donate to our campaign?


Will you stand against the liberal media and help me work around them with paid television ads?


Will you send a message loud and clear that we won’t back down by adding $50 or $100 to our total today?  


Will you let Harry Reid know that we can’t be intimidated?  That we won’t be shouted down by Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow?  


Like Ronald Reagan, I have complete faith in the American people.  Harry Reid thinks that you can be fooled.  He thinks that all who oppose him “don’t have the facts”.  He is fully confident that you’ll simply back down to his dirty tactics and let him cruise into the Senate for another six years of his liberal agenda.


But I know better.  Americans won’t stand for this kind of left wing governance.  They want someone in office who will respect their freedoms and defend THEIR interests, not the SPECIAL interests.


Join with me.


Sharron Angle, Republican Nominee for U.S. Senate, Nevada

Sharron Angle, Republican Nominee for U.S. Senate, Nevada

P.S. The end of August is approaching and the traditional beginning of the campaign season begins.  You wouldn’t know it from Harry Reid’s campaign, which sports over 30 staffers and has already spent millions and millions.  We must increase our spending to help meet those challenges.  Will you consider a generous donation today?


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