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Angle Points to Filibuster as a Tool She Would Use

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has the rundown on Sharron Angle’s appearance before a crowd of about 200 at the Nevada Republican Men’s Club in Las Vegas yesterday. Among her other pledges, Angle said that as a junior senator she could wield power by joining Republicans to block tax hikes, excess regulation and spending bills. She also indicated her willingness to filibuster Supreme Court nominees who don’t meet a strict constitutional test, and named Elena Kagan.

“There are certain things that can be done just by your junior senator,” Angle said, explaining that even if Republicans remain in the minority after 2010, she could filibuster, which allows lone lawmakers to delay legislation through lengthy debate. “I guarantee that I can talk most anything to death.”

According to the R-J report, Angle mostly stayed on point, blaming Harry Reid for Nevada’s high unemployment, home foreclosure and bankruptcy rates. Reid spokesman Jon Summers defended his boss in the piece, stating that the senior senator “delivers more for Nevada than the rest of the delegation combined.”

Angle also joked about criticism she’s taken for avoiding the media when she lost her breath and had to pause during her speech:

“I’ve been running from the press so much,” Angle joked after drinking some water […]

Angle did take questions from several reporters after her remarks.


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