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Angle Says She Does Not Remember ‘Black Jersey’ Incident

In a Thursday interview on the Michael Medved show, Sharron Angle said the so-called black jersey story–alleging she once put the kibosh on black high-school football uniforms because the color is Satanic–is just another attempt by the Harry Reid campaign to “distract and distort.” She denied running for the Nye County school board during the year in question and said she has “no recollection” of the alleged incident. Here is the audio from her interview:

And here is the transcript:

MICHAEL MEDVED:  The latest, and I can’t believe this, have you seen, Senator Angle, have you seen this piece in the Huffington Post about the black football jerseys?

SHARRON ANGLE:  Well, it’s exactly what you’ve just said. There is no defense for his record and so he is going after everything that he can pull out to distract and distort my record and to cause the voters to go onto issues that have nothing to do with what we are so intensely concerned about here. Not only in the country but especially in our state which is our economy, our jobs, and our homes and he does not want to talk about that.

MEDVED:  Well, he doesn’t and also one of the things some of your critics in the press don’t want to talk about. I mean, what they’re accusing you about the black football jerseys thing, and they asked you about it and you didn’t even remember it, and I don’t blame you. It’s from 1992. It’s from 18 years ago and apparently there was, at your local high school where you were a candidate for the School Board, they were going to switch over to black football jerseys and you were opposed to that, along with some other local citizens. And they are saying that… and here it says, ‘Sharron Angle campaigned against black football jerseys on religious grounds, color is thoroughly evil.’ Do you remember any of this? What is this non-sense? Why are they attacking you for this?

SHARRON ANGLE:  I’m not sure exactly. In fact, it’s an amazing thing because they’re claiming it was in 1991, which I wasn’t even running for School Board at that time. This was a very local race and you don’t start running except in the year when the election occurs which was 1992. So I didn’t even start running until the summer of 1992. I asked my son, who was on that football team, what he recollected about this because I have no recollection. And he said, ‘Remember Mom, there was a coach that died that year and they were talking about adding a little black to our uniforms in honor of that coach. And someone said, “No, our colors are red and white.” That’s all I know.’ … So this whole recollection that he has is completely different than mine. And so that’s what we’re saying and I recalled this–I have no recollection of this and truly what does this have to do with our jobs, our homes, and our economy.

Angle said much the same to the Reno Gazette-Journal earlier this week when she also called into question the credibility of the source because he is a registered Democrat and Harry Reid supporter:

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle on Wednesday denied a report in the Pahrump Valley Times alleging she was part of a group that opposed inspirational black football jerseys for the Tonopah High football team on religious purposes when she was running for the Nye County School Board.

During the 1992 school board campaign, the first in Angle’s career, she was part of a group that opposed the black jerseys because they saw black “as a color was thoroughly evil…” longtime Nevada newspaperman Bill Roberts wrote in an Aug. 13 column in the Pahrump Valley Times.

Roberts, a registered Democrat and the former editor and owner of the Tonopah Times-Bonanza & Goldfield News, has a son who played middle linebacker for the Muckers that season.

During a news conference in Reno, Angle said she has no recollection of the incident. “Bill Roberts loves Harry (Reid),” said Angle, the winner of the 1992 school board contest.“I will just tell you that Bill Roberts, and I have completely different recollections of what happened then,” Angle said. […]

Roberts said Wednesday that he stands by his story, adding it was important to recall the story since Angle’s first and current campaigns have similarities.

Roberts seems to earn a nod from the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s John L. Smith who said today on his blog that he has also heard whispers, even hinting that others may come forward to contradict Angle and confirm the story:

For months I’ve heard vague details of a story involving current GOP Senate hopeful Sharron Angle and an incident in the early 1990s involving black jerseys and the Tonopah High football team. […]

And I’ll bet a bundle Roberts isn’t the only one who remembers the black jersey story.

If it did happen, the event would certainly be memorable to those who were there. Perhaps witnesses will soon come forward to either confirm, deny, or edit the account. Meanwhile, at least one of the statements from Angle’s interview with Medved contradicts the About page of her campaign website which says she was on the Nye County school board back in 1990:

While in Tonopah, Sharron also tutored at Nye County Juvenile Justice for six years and operated the Tonopah Life Center (family-oriented fitness gym.)

Sharron was first elected in 1990 to the Nye County School Board of Trustees.

Are there other truths in Roberts’ tale that Angle does not accurately remember or wish to admit? Or did the former editor of the Tonopah Times-Bonanza and Goldfield News tell a giant politically-motivated whopper? Do Nevada’s voters even care?

BATTLE ‘10 has reached out to a few Nye County folks who were around back then to find out if anyone can shed a little light and put this to bed one way or another. Early responses indicate many journalists in the state are doing the same, so we’ll see what turns up.

UPDATE (2:33 p.m.): Angle campaign Communications Director Jarrod Agen has conformed for BATTLE ‘10 that she ran for and was elected to the Nye County school board in 1992, not 1990 as stated on the About page of her website. The page is being corrected.

The source of the original story, Bill Roberts, claimed the jersey incident occurred in 1992.


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