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Angle Takes Press Questions on Stimulus, Social Security, Petraeus

Who says Sharron Angle is avoiding the press? Though some members of the Nevada media may not be getting the access they would like, Angle’s campaign team today took questions on a variety of issues from KTNV Channel 13, Fox Channel 5, political journalist Jon Ralston, Laura Myers of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, and Phillip Moyer of the Nevada News Bureau.

Angle addressed her stance on stimulus funds, social-security reform and Harry Reid’s remarks concerning General David Petreus’s command during the Iraq War. She criticized the government stimulus package, saying despite the jobs that it has been credited with creating, it failed to help the economy. Angle pointed to the 14.2 percent unemployment rate in Nevada and the 9.5 nationwide unemployment rate as proof of her position.

“What we see is that those stimulus funds do not create jobs,” she said. “Government doesn’t create jobs. Businesses create jobs. And what we need to do is stimulate business by lower taxation and less government regulation.”

Angle said the $500 billion in unspent stimulus funds could be better used to help pay back the $2.5 trillion Social Security trust fund, which she says Reid “raided” to fund other government projects. She also suggested using the upcoming $500 billion in Troubled Asset Relief Program and $100 billion in “unspent budget appropriations” in the same way.

“That’s $1.1 trillion,” she said. “That would go a long way to a $2.5 trillion payback.”

See her remarks on the deficit here:

Responding to criticism that she is using scare tactics on senior citizens to win the election, Angle pointed to Harry Reid’s campaign ads as a real source of scare tactics:

Angle also spoke about Harry Reid’s past and present positions on General Petraeus, who is now the commanding officer of NATO forces in Afghanistan. She criticized Reid’s past comments on Petraeus’ command of the multinational forces in Iraq.

“I think that certainly Harry Reid demoralized troops by saying this war was lost. I think he has, in action as well as rhetoric, given our military deep concerns about his support for them,” she said. “And I have always been very, very supportive of our military and their mission. I think our first mission as a government is to support those men and women in service that we put in harm’s way.”

Video of her remarks on Petraeus:


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