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Angle’s Contradiction on Social Security

Facts are ultimately going to get in the way of the Sharron Angle’s camp deflection or denial that her position on Social Security has shifted.

Consider first that Angle talked of a “phase-out” or privatization of the program. Contrast that with Angle spokesman Jerry Stacy’s statements today that Angle will “always” support paying benefits and expressed a desire to make “Social Security solvent forever.”

Less than a month ago, Senator Harry Reid was boasting that there was no Social Security crisis and the program will be in great shape for the next 40 years, but Reid is flat–out wrong and the trust fund will be totally empty in just 27 years. Rather than scaring seniors so he can be re-elected to a fifth term, Senator Reid should focus on how we can make Social Security solvent forever. Sharron Angle will always support paying Social Security benefits to our seniors in Nevada, but she believes we must examine the program so it remains solvent to our children and grandchildren. [emphasis added]

There is just no disputing the fact that Angle has changed her position on Social Security since winning the primary on June 8. Whether she admits it or tries to explain why–and whether this will be seen as political expediency–remains to be seen.


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