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Angle’s New Comm Director Has a Little Fun

From the desk of Jarrod Agen, the new Communications Director for Sharron Angle:

Reid’s “DC Handlers”

The next time Reid flack Jon Summers gives any of you a quote negatively referencing Sharron’s “DC handlers” (as he did in this RJ post on Friday), please remind him of his own Twitter handle.

Yes – it’s @jonsummersdc with his location listed as Washington D.C.  This, by definition would make @jonsummersdc, the actual “DC handler” in this race.  We decided that since Mr.@JonSummersDC misses DC so badly, we should make him a present so he wouldn’t get homesick: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEBCA1Zz2g4

Jon Summers’ last anti-Angle press release contained one instance of the the term “DC handlers”:

Of course, what would you expect from a callous candidate who calls the unemployed “spoiled”; who says “it’s not my job to create jobs”; who believes helping struggling Nevadans put food on the table is a violation of God’s First Commandment; and who was against Social Security until her DC handlers told her she should be for it?

This morning’s release–from Reid spokesman Kelly Steele–contained five.


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